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Tim Damon Highlights NSX For Honda

Los Angeles – Director Tim Damon just completed putting an NSX supercar from Honda through a tour of California, highlighting the performance and styling of one of the newest and most sought-after cars in the world. Damon directed both a short film and collateral images for ad agency Les Mains in Japan.


Functional Work Of Art

“We started the campaign looking at Spain, Portugal, Italy and France, but shot all over California,” says Damon. “We had everything we needed right here. The NSX is a functional work of art. I approached shooting the campaign like I was shooting a supermodel. First, out on the town, and then, on a fashion runway.”

Spontaneous Combustion

The sixteen day shoot for Honda reunited Damon with creative director Kenji Mizoguchi. “I love working with Kenji, he encourages a high energy, spontaneous environment that results in great work,” says Damon. Locations for both photography and film included Damon’s Los Angeles based Stage20, downtown Los Angeles, Mt. Wilson, Malibu, Newport Beach, Highway 1, Woodside and InyoKern and San Simeon. The short begins with the NSX keeping a low profile with low light, low angles and bridge railings. The car then is seen rotating, intercut with images of high performance on the open road.

Supercar, Gen 2

From 1990-2005 the original NSX became one of the world’s most beloved supercars, a two seat mid engine sports car with advanced aerodynamics and details inspired by an F-16 fighter. The new NSX was is a hybrid sports car designed and engineered in the US, powered by a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine and three electric motors, giving off 600 horsepower through an inventive all wheel drive train. Its body utilizes a space frame design, which is made from aluminum, ultra-high strength steel, and other rigid and lightweight materials, some of which are the world’s first applications.


“As an artist, I’m always an advocate for great work,” says Damon. “The agency wanted both the stills and film to feel organic, not overly produced. A relatable, natural feeling.” Damon relied on his custom light boxes to capture the NSX’s countless details while tapping into some very special cameras and lenses to shoot low light urban settings. “With the right combination dialed in, we let the cityscape light the car,” says Damon. Coastal and urban shots crackle to life courtesy of Filmotechnic Russian Arm and special camera rigs, allowing for unique, one-of-a kind shots of the NSX melding with road.

About Tim Damon

Tim Damon is represented for commercials and digital work through Square Planet Media/Damon Productions. For more information contact contact Kendra Wester at 310-632-4090. For more information on Stage 20 rental, contact John Urso at 310-632-4090.



Production Co: Piuma Motion/Square Planet

Director/Photographer: Tim Damon

Digital Tech: Anthony Diaz

Agency: Les Mains, Tokyo

Creative Director: Kenji Mizoguchi

Producer Japan: Koji Matsumura

Producer Zipzap: Shigeki Otani

Producer Piuma: Doug Dilg

Editor: Heather Belser

Music is  “Havoc” by Luke Atencio