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The Cavalry Productions Signs Deluxe

Director Stephane Leloutre aka Deluxe

Los Angeles –  The Cavalry Productions has signed Deluxe, aka director Stephane LeLoutre. The announcement was made by Cavalry founder/EP Ross Grogan and EP Tanya Cohen. Deluxe recently wrapped a Hyunda project for agency Innocean and a Toyota campaign out of Burrell. At press time, Deluxe just completed a project for Porsche, with the resulting multiple short films to be aired worldwide beginning in this fall.

Bold, Action Packed
“Deluxe’s spots are bold, sometime raucous,” says Grogan. “Stunning cars in different terrains, sheet metal to performance, exquisite design, the car is the star.” In a spot for Peugeot titled, “Fractal,” the world is introduced to an experimental prototype via a visual tour de force; i.e. magnets, speaker membranes, sound waves, liquids, ear drums, strobe lit interiors, stage shots, geometric projections and a high speed urban romp, all to show off a car “designed by sound.” Another spot titled, “4008”, features men spotting a Peugeot on the street, instantly leading to thoughts of wild rides down the road. In Deluxe’s first spot for The Cavalry, titled, “I Do,” viewers follow multiple story lines around the use of a Toyota Corolla everything from woven street art to the set up an impromptu urban barbershop. The day concludes with an amazing artist-inspired light painting photoshoot around her car, a touch concepted and added to the creative by Deluxe.

The Emotion Of Sheet Metal
Deluxe believes you should evoke viewer emotion first, and then shoot the car in a completely different way. “My approach applies to all luxury brands, things of high elegance,” he says. “All spots start with having a good knowledge of the brand. That makes for accurate filmmaking. I’m very open to everything, to question, to find new ideas. The creative around Toyota is fantastic, beautiful car work.”

The Deluxe Treatment
Deluxe loves the process of working with agencies. “The relationship between director and agency has to be a collaborative one,” he says. “There is a strength in having many discussions. You talk about the idea; you talk about the storytelling, the art direction and spend lots of time with the creative director. Get the entire team to go along with it and then execute it with everyone on board with the vision.”

About The Cavalry Productions
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