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Stephen Arnold Music Launches “Waking Up My Day”

New Morning Show Image Campaign Designed For Local TV Stations

Stephen Arnold Music, the Leaders in Sonic Branding, has announced the release of “Waking Up My Day.” The morning audio and video image campaign is the latest in a series of successful offerings from Stephen Arnold Music, providing local stations with a cost-effective marketing toolkit to make the most of their morning promotions. The “Waking Up My Day” package includes a fully-produced market exclusive image package complete with 60s, 30s, 15s, 10s and IDs.

The heart of the market exclusive campaign is a vibrant morning anthem, chock full of vocal hooks, rhythmic guitars and a big beat propelling viewers into an energetic morning. There are male and female vocal versions, with custom lyrics available upon request.

Like Stephen Arnold Music’s previous extremely popular “It’s All About Early” campaign, which has aired in over 50 markets, “Waking Up My Day” was created to help local stations grow viewership and generate additional revenue during the crucial morning news slot.

“Morning is when audiences need their local TV stations the most,” Chad Cook, Vice President, Creative for Stephen Arnold Music, says. “People’s morning routines go hand-in-glove with their morning show of choice, when viewers are watching for traffic, weather, and breaking news. ‘Waking Up My Day’ is a great marketing tool for a deeper and lasting connection with a station’s morning news offering.”

Top studio talent experienced in the art of crafting hit songs created “Waking Up My Day.” Written in the spirit of a crossover album track, the lyrics are designed to appeal to a wide variety of audiences (“I’m wakin’ up my day/So let’s get it started/Turn it up turn it on/Keep the morning moving right along”). The result is a memorable morning anthem that pairs up perfectly with local images and news personalities.

With each new image campaign, Stephen Arnold Music applies their deep experience of supporting hundreds of local stations with fresh marketing solutions that save them time, while contributing to their bottom line.

“The current climate calls for quick turnaround, cost-effectiveness and innovation,” Cook adds. “Smart creative built around a turnkey bundle is optimal and we improve on that proposition with each new image campaign we offer.”

As the Leaders in Sonic Branding, “Waking Up My Day” builds on what Stephen Arnold Music does best, with work central to the identity of such clients as CNN, Fox, ESPN, AXS TV, CCTV and a full 35% of all US local TV markets.

“The biggest impact you can make on the viewer is an emotional connection,” Chad Cook says. “The hope of the new day is a shared experience with so many bright spots – ‘Waking Up My Day’ is a playful way for stations to plug-in to something we all have in common.”

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