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Samsung and Portrait Displays Present Samsung’s QLED TVs, the World’s First ‘CalMAN-Ready’ Series of TVs That Provide Autocalibration for HDR, During the 4K Summit in Malaga, Spain

Malaga, Spain – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., and Portrait Displays, Inc., will present new autocalibration software, CalMAN with AutoCal, on the Samsung 2017 QLED TVs. This software is used by the display industry’s video calibrators and by professionals in broadcast, production and post-production.

Samsung QLED TVs provide an optimal end-user viewing experience. Color accuracy and artistic intent  are essential elements in today’s HDR world. Portrait Displays will demonstrate color management workflows for the entire content chain: from the set to post-production, and from mastering to delivery. Show visitors can view the calibration process as it is demonstrated on the Samsung Q8F QLED TV.

Demonstrations will include:

  • Mastering studio monitor calibration (SDR and HDR)
  • 1D/3D-LUT calibration for LUT-enabled hardware
  • ICC profiles
  • CalMAN with AutoCal for Samsung QLED consumer TVs 

The demand for color and Electro-Optical Transfer Function (EOTF) accuracy is constantly growing across the European broadcasting and feature-film industry. The 4K Summit in Malaga is the perfect arena to present the Portrait Displays and SpectraCal’s color management solutions to a broad audience of the content-creation, distribution, and presentation community.

Calibration is the process of gradually adjusting the color of a monitor or TV display. This process is especially important to designers, photographers, and video professionals who aim to match colors perfectly between input devices, such as monitors, and output devices, such as printers. Calibration provides end users the ability to optimize their desired viewing experience based on their viewing environments.

In partnership with Portrait Displays, the world’s leading provider of video display calibration software, Samsung QLED TVs are the world’s first TVs that support autocalibration for high dynamic range (HDR) picture quality. Previously, autocalibration was only available for standard dynamic range (SDR) picture quality.

Traditionally, the calibration process could take hours as the users had to manually tune TVs via a remote control using an on-screen menu. This process was both a tedious and sometimes inaccurate method of calibration. Today, Samsung QLED TV, with CalMAN with AutoCal software, automatically measure and adjust hundreds of settings in mere minutes with just a few simple clicks.

To use CalMAN with AutoCal software on a QLED TV, users simply need to obtain the Samsung AutoCal Bundle and install the software onto their computer. Once downloaded, users can connect their computer to their QLED TV to begin the autocalibration process. The QLED TV will then share its menu settings with the software so that it can automatically adjust the TV’s picture quality to the user’s preferences.

Samsung QLED TV users can also measure the color volume of their TV using the CalMAN with AutoCal software. Color volume is the latest standard of picture quality that indicates how displays express color accurately, regardless of its brightness level. Samsung QLED TVs are the world’s first and only lineup that can express 100 percent color volume.

“After working with the experts at Samsung, we are excited to officially have our CalMAN with AutoCal software enabled on all 2017 Samsung QLED TVs,” said Martin Fishman, Portrait Displays’ co-CEO. “Developed specifically for a variety of viewing environments, together with Samsung, we envision CalMAN with AutoCal leading the way in color volume optimization for TV displays.”

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