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Director Paul Stone Joins Spears & Arrows

2017-10-10 17:26:01 rayecke
LOS ANGELES, CA – It is often noted that many great directors began their careers as editors — that is certainly true of Paul Stone, the editor-turned-indie filmmaker-turned commercial director who has joined the roster of Spears & Arrows, the three-year-old commercial production company led by Founder/Executive Producer Jason Wolk. Stone joins a diverse Spears & Arrows roster that includes directors Arni Thor Jonsson, Phil Brown, Ago Panini, John Grammatico, Don Broida and Josh Miller.
“Paul’s work as an editor provided him a unique filmmaking education that he uses to great effect as a director,” Wolk says. “Whether on his acclaimed indie films or commercials and branded content for AirBnB, Instagram, NyQuil, Fidelity Investments, Casper Mattresses or DeWalt Tools, Paul effortlessly blends striking visuals with a strong sense of character and story to craft spots that instantly grab viewers’ attention.”
Most recently repped in the US by documentarian Morgan Spurlock’s production company, Warpaint Films, the Brooklyn native began his professional career as an editor at production company RSA, New York and Red Car, New York, before transitioning to director. 
His first short film, “Tales of Times Square” premiered at the LA Shorts Film Festival where it took home the top prize for Best Documentary and went on to screen at 30 film festivals worldwide. His short films “Man Under” and “Mulberry” (premiered at the 2015 and 2016 Tribeca Film Festival respectively). Another short film, The Boombox Project, was selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick and is currently being developed into a feature film. He also recently wrapped a new short film titled “The King Thing.”
His current commercial work includes a new spot for PNC Bank for Deutsch, New York; a multi-spot campaign for New Orleans-based Community Coffee via TM Advertising, Dallas; three branded content VR films for American Family Insurance through Huff Post/Ryot Media, Los Angeles; spots for Proctor & Gamble’s NyQuil via Publicis, New York; and a beautifully shot lifestyle spot for Fidelity Investments. 
“As a filmmaker my background springs from cinematography, documentary filmmaking and post-production,” Stone says.  “My experience in all of these realms has informed my process and allowed me to find those ‘perfectly imperfect’ moments that engage an audience and allow them to connect with the story on a human level.”
Stone adds that before joining Spears & Arrows he collaborated with Wolk and the company as a freelancer. Those projects, according to Stone, went exceedingly well and led to his decision to join the company full time.  
“The support and the level of professionalism was amazing, so joining Spears & Arrows was an easy decision for me,” Stone says. “Plus, Jason and I are both native New Yorkers — he is from the Bronx, I’m from Brooklyn — so  ‘Fuhgettaboutit.’  
In addition to Spears & Arrows, Stone is represented in Europe by Bakery Films, Hamburg, and in Canada via Spy Films, Toronto.
About Spears & Arrows:
Like, Honor & Passion, Excellence & Inspiration, Spears & Arrows are a team that values the balance and blend of best practices with the best talent in commercial production. The company is represented by Hello Tomorrow on the East Coast; Goodrebel on the West Coast and Texas; and by Nikki Weiss & Co in the Midwest.
Web Resources:
Click here for more info about Spears & Arrows:
Click here for more info about Paul Stone:
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Directors David Serota and Henrik Hedin Join Yard Dog

2017-10-10 10:24:27 artisanspr

LOS ANGELES— Continuing to add unique talent to its creative roster, Yard Dog has signed directors David Serota and Henrik Hedin for exclusive representation in the United States. Both directors are known for their storytelling ability and skill in creating emotional bonds between consumers and brands.

Serota’s credits include commercials and branded content for American Express, UPS, Levi’s, Participant Media, United Health Care, International Medical Corps, Chevron, The Nature Conservancy, Marriott, JP Morgan Chase, Starbucks and Patagonia. The Swedish-born Hedin has helmed international campaigns for Volkswagen, Volvo, Burger King, Etisalat, Rewe, Grolsch, Bosch and the Swedish amusement park Gröna Lund (which won an IAAPA Brass Ring Award). This is his first affiliation in the United States.

David Serota

“David is a gifted filmmaker who we felt an instant connection to his work,” says Yard Dog partner/ executive producer Joe Piccirillo. “David is a storyteller with a lot of heart and an uncanny ability to capture unaffected, genuine performances from talent.“

Serota specializes in telling real stories about real people as well as scripted work that’s meant to feel real. A graduate of Los Angeles Film School, he first garnered attention when his short film won the Really Real Shorts Award at SXSW in 2007. He has since produced numerous short films, documentaries, branded content and commercials centering on heartfelt stories of the human experience. Notable credits include the film series We Are JP Morgan Chase¸ conceived by Mcgarrybowen. In a production that spanned the U.S. and Europe, it captured true stories of the bank’s employees and customers.

“I believe in directing campaigns that reflect the values I live by,” Serota says. “The ones that put an importance on things like family, friendship and adventure but also themes like one’s ability to persevere, where you discover strengths you didn’t know you had. They provide me with opportunity to seek what’s real inside of me so that I can craft a story as authentically as possible.”

In discussing his move to Yard Dog, Serota says that he sees it as an opportunity to access interesting creative assignments and broaden his agency relationships across the United States. “Joe and Beth appreciate the realistic nature of my work,” he notes, “and I look forward to working with the entire Yard Dog team on projects that will challenge me as a storyteller.”

Henrik Hedin

Hedin began his career directing short films and music videos and got his start in commercials via Flodellfilm, Stockholm. Since then, he has directed commercials for agencies across Europe. His work is distinctive for its cinematic quality and larger-than-life feel, often accompanied by a comic twist. A prime example is Next Time, Send Flowers for Sweden’s Interflora. In it, a man goes to elaborate lengths to prepare a Valentine’s Day surprise for his girlfriend, including disrobing, only to have her arrive with her parents in tow.

“I like to take audiences on a journey where they feel they are watching something that could happen,” the director explains. As a bonus feature, Hedin directed several short films that expanded on the scenario from the Interflora ad. The 15-second films became very popular on Instagram and other social platforms. “Henrik is a young star with polished skills and a great sense of humor. The range of his work and his passion for what he does is inspiring” says Beth Pearson, Yard Dog, partner and executive producer “We’re excited to introduce him to agencies here in the U.S.”

Hedin applied a very different style of storytelling to a campaign for eyeglasses maker KlarSynt. It features lifestyle scenes of people in natural and home settings that make subtle allusion to the value of eyesight. “Our aim was to show, in an epic and poetic way, the diversity of people who depend on glasses,” he says. “It became a journey through Sweden. You get to know the characters and you instantly understand who they are and what they value.”

Yard Dog is located at 1265 S. Cochran Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90019. Call 310.209.8992.




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CoMPANY Films Signs Director Mary-Sue Masson

2017-09-28 21:23:19 rpg246

Los Angeles – Writer and Director Mary-Sue Masson has signed with CoMPANY for both spots and branded content. The announcement was made by CoMPANY Executive Producers Robin Benson and Richard Goldstein. Masson is probably best known for her highly regarded currently airing campaign for HARIBO and agency Quiet Storm. The funny series of spots feature adults funneling their inner child through the famous Gold Bears candy. This marks the first time Masson has been represented by a spot company in the States. She will continue to direct spots in the UK out of HunkyDory.

Fresh Voice

“We love introducing new talent into the marketplace and are thrilled to introduce Mary-Sue as a fresh new voice alongside her much awarded Haribo campaign,” says Benson. “We can’t wait for people to have the chance to work with her; she’s talented, charming and funny!”

Great Fit

“A producer friend of mine in London thought I’d make a good fit at CoMPANY,” says Masson. “They don’t have 58 people, just a selection of great directors. My objective at CoMPANY is to continue making fun, attention-getting commercials. I love the writing, collaborating… really the entire process.”

BBC and Comedy Central

Masson is an experienced creative, scriptwriter and filmmaker. With degrees in design, writing and art direction from Ware College and Watford in England, Masson got her start at the BBC. Seeing her talent, executives sent her to L Street Studios to hone her production and directing skills. “It was the best formal training one could get, you learned how to craft stories.” Masson soon found out her training was very appropriate for a career in advertising. “As a creative, I understood how hard it is to get projects to that final production stage. As a female director, I’m often pitched against the big boys but I feel an inherent advantage. Most products that you might buy in a grocery store the woman is your target audience. The same for getting the best performances out of children. Being a mother gives me insights not always shared with men.”

“Gold Bears”

Her recent campaign for HARIBO out of Quiet Storm is a good example. “I wanted to come up with an funny idea that was universal, that could hold up in many languages,” says Masson. “We refer to it as the “Kids Voices” campaign. The adults talk about Gold Bears but only kid’s chatter comes out. We recorded the children, completely unscripted, talking about the candy. Then we shot several scenarios with the grown ups. The campaign is for kids and adults, which is perfect for the brand.”

In between commercial work, Masson is writing a comedy-based mini-series and involved with other filmmaking projects.

About CoMPANY:

Company is a boutique production house filled with talented people that enjoy working together. We’re proud of our creative partnerships and creating content that serves the needs of clients worldwide. For more information visit

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Bully Pictures Signs Cannes Lion Winning Director Roderick Fenske

2017-09-11 13:12:34 artisanspr

LOS ANGELES —  Comedy director Roderick Fenske has joined Bully Pictures for exclusive representation for advertising projects in the US. Fenske is known for a distinct brand of comedy that combines absurdist humor with high production value and cinematic execution. He has already completed his first project with Bully, a new spot package for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) and its integrated marketing agency of record, R&R Partners, the latest addition to the long-running “What Happens Here, Stays Here” campaign. Fenske won a Cannes Lion for an earlier LVCVA spot entitled ChinChilli Day.

Roderick Fenske

Bully Pictures Executive Producer Jason Forest says that Fenske’s background as an agency creative director and comedy writer is evident in his work. “He has great instincts, truly understands the creative ad process, and is innately funny,” Forest observes. “He employs a lot of visual trickery and is brilliant in his use of the camera. It really makes his work stand out.”

In Dream Vacation, the director’s latest spot to launch for LVCVA, a business woman reflecting on a recent trip to Las Vegas is shocked to find her memories pictured in a thought bubble that, remarkably, is visible to her co-workers. “I like to take people on a journey where the humor is unexpected,” Fenske says. “When the joke lands, it’s much funnier when you don’t see it coming.”

Fenske is thrilled that his association with Bully has gotten off to a strong start and he attributes it to Forest’s appreciation for his quirky brand of humor. “Jason likes what I do and is very good at communicating it,” he says. “It’s important to have an EP who is your advocate and can talk to people about your work in depth.”


Fenske began his career with agencies in San Francisco and New York, before relocating to London where he was on staff at St. Luke’s and TBWA. He turned to directing at the urging of legendary British advertising executive Trevor Beattie. Since then, he has helmed hundreds of commercials and short films and has received numerous awards including ones at Cannes Lions, D&AD, One Show and Eurobest.

Fenske’ commercial credits include a spot for Dannon YoCrunch Yogurt where actor Neil Patrick Harris bursts out of a magazine to magically transform a staid office from “boring to fun.” Fenske gives the ridiculous scenario an air of pseudo reality through the detailed attention given to the maze of office cubicles and the deadpan performances of Harris’ supporting cast.

ChinChilli Day offers a perfect illustration of Fenske’s ability to blend pointed comedy with epic filmmaking. In it, a young exec asks for time off from work to celebrate a fictitious holiday. A flashback to the genesis of the “holiday” includes a shootout that is straight out of a classic Spaghetti Western except that the combatants are the residents of a south-of-the-border pueblo and their gun-toting pet rodents. “It’s an example of taking something that is absurd and shooting it in a dramatic style that people recognize, creating comedy in hilariously unexpected ways,” Fenske says.

About Bully Pictures:                                                                                      

Bully Pictures is a full-service production company located in Venice, California.  The company’s roster includes Javier Aguilera, Dustin Lance Black, Fredrik Callinggard, Cric, Roderick Fenske, Anne Fletcher, Gaute Hesthagen, Kim Jacobsen, Jeff Aron Lable, Justin Simien, Taylor Steele, Morten Tyldum and Tripp & Tyler.

For more information, write


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Cutters Studios Promotes Dustin Kaufman

2017-08-26 13:27:59 ccwire-staff

Chicago-based Cutters Studios said newly promoted editor Dustin Kaufman is moving to Kansas City. With his new job title, Kaufman’s purview will include running the company’s new studio in Kansas City, Missouri — an editorial suite located at creative studio Hint.

“I fell in love with Kansas City on my first visit,” Kaufman said in a prepared statement, “after seeing a Tesla dealership across the street from a Cheesecake Factory. It’s got the vibe of a super modern upscale metropolis with the charm of a small town.”

Kaufman first signed on with Cutters in 2013 as an assistant editor. His credits include spots for Dairy Queen, Courtyard by Marriott, Gatorade, and McDonald’s.

Read the full story at StudioDaily.

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The Cavalry Productions Signs Deluxe

2017-08-03 22:11:13 rpg246

Los Angeles –  The Cavalry Productions has signed Deluxe, aka director Stephane LeLoutre. The announcement was made by Cavalry founder/EP Ross Grogan and EP Tanya Cohen. Deluxe recently wrapped a Hyunda project for agency Innocean and a Toyota campaign out of Burrell. At press time, Deluxe just completed a project for Porsche, with the resulting multiple short films to be aired worldwide beginning in this fall.

Bold, Action Packed
“Deluxe’s spots are bold, sometime raucous,” says Grogan. “Stunning cars in different terrains, sheet metal to performance, exquisite design, the car is the star.” In a spot for Peugeot titled, “Fractal,” the world is introduced to an experimental prototype via a visual tour de force; i.e. magnets, speaker membranes, sound waves, liquids, ear drums, strobe lit interiors, stage shots, geometric projections and a high speed urban romp, all to show off a car “designed by sound.” Another spot titled, “4008”, features men spotting a Peugeot on the street, instantly leading to thoughts of wild rides down the road. In Deluxe’s first spot for The Cavalry, titled, “I Do,” viewers follow multiple story lines around the use of a Toyota Corolla everything from woven street art to the set up an impromptu urban barbershop. The day concludes with an amazing artist-inspired light painting photoshoot around her car, a touch concepted and added to the creative by Deluxe.

The Emotion Of Sheet Metal
Deluxe believes you should evoke viewer emotion first, and then shoot the car in a completely different way. “My approach applies to all luxury brands, things of high elegance,” he says. “All spots start with having a good knowledge of the brand. That makes for accurate filmmaking. I’m very open to everything, to question, to find new ideas. The creative around Toyota is fantastic, beautiful car work.”

The Deluxe Treatment
Deluxe loves the process of working with agencies. “The relationship between director and agency has to be a collaborative one,” he says. “There is a strength in having many discussions. You talk about the idea; you talk about the storytelling, the art direction and spend lots of time with the creative director. Get the entire team to go along with it and then execute it with everyone on board with the vision.”

About The Cavalry Productions
The Cavalry Productions is a global boutique company focused on the creation of astounding moving imagery for both commercials and the digital world. We pride ourselves on being responsive collaborators and true allies for our clients.

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Beth Barrett Named SIFF's Artistic Director

2017-08-03 03:45:38 ccwire-staff

SEATTLE – Beth Barrett, former Director of Programming, has been named SIFF’s new Artistic Director. With her advancement, Barrett becomes SIFF’s first female Artistic Director, one of only a select few women in the United States holding this position for a major film festival. Barrett assumed the mantle of Interim Artistic Director last October, leading the organization though a very successful 43rd Seattle International Film Festival.

Barrett began her career at SIFF in 2003, in the Publications department as a volunteer Copy Editor. By 2006 she had worked her way up to Programming Manager, eventually moving into the role of Director of Programming in 2011. Since then has been responsible for managing all aspects of film programming, from overseeing the staff of film programmers, to securing films and guests for the Festival. Barrett has also been instrumental in the programming and management of SIFF Cinema and SIFF’s other year-round programs. An aficionado of short films, she helped secure SIFF’s status as an Academy Award® qualifying festival in 2008.

“Beth has played a key role in SIFF’s growth for over a decade. Along with her artistic vision she brings a ton of passion and energy,” said Rich Fassio, SIFF Board President. “This is an exciting time for our organization; SIFF is experiencing consistent upward growth and we are about to conclude another record year. The Board looks forward to supporting Beth as she continues SIFF’s mission to bring the best of the world of cinema to Puget Sound and beyond.”

“Beth is, without a doubt, the right person to lead SIFF’s artistic programming into the future. She has a deep knowledge of and commitment to film and our community that is expressed beautifully through her artistic choices. SIFF is very lucky to have her on our team,” said Sarah Wilke, SIFF’s Executive Director.

Reflecting on her years at SIFF, Beth said, “Having been part of SIFF for the last 15 years, during times of growth and change, I am constantly amazed at the staff, board, and members’ commitment to the work we do and the community we have built. I am honored and excited to shepherd the organization into the next chapter.”

To celebrate Barrett’s success, SIFF is hosting Beers with Beth on Tuesday, August 22 at Lagunitas Brewery in Ballard from 6 to 8pm. The event is free with beer proceeds going to support SIFF.

Please RSVP by Tuesday, Aug 15 to attend.

About SIFF
Founded in 1976, SIFF creates experiences that bring people together to discover extraordinary films from around the world with the Seattle International Film Festival, SIFF Cinema, and SIFF Education. Recognized as one of the top film festivals in North America, the Seattle International Film Festival is the largest, most highly attended film festival in the United States, reaching more than 140,000 annually. The 25-day festival is renowned for its wide-ranging and eclectic programming, presenting over 450 features, short films, and documentaries from over 80 countries each year. The 44th annual Seattle International Film Festival will be held May 17 through June 10, 2018. SIFF Cinema exhibits premier theatrical engagements, repertory, classic, and revival film showings 365 days a year on five screens at the SIFF Cinema Uptown, SIFF Cinema Egyptian, and SIFF Film Center, reaching more than 175,000 attendees annually. SIFF Education offers educational programs for all audiences serving more than 13,000 students and youth in the community with free programs each year.

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Directing Duo Jacob/Slade Joins A Common Thread

2017-08-02 12:12:01 artisanspr

LOS ANGELES—Continuing to add unique talent to its roster, A Common Thread has signed the directing team of Enno Jacobsen and Kristina Slade, who work as Jacob/Slade, for exclusive representation in the United States. Known for their ability to tell stories with charm and humor, the pair have directed spots for such brands as Target, Mitsubishi and the Kansas Lottery. In their first outing for A Common Thread, Jacob/Slade has directed two spots for Ford and GTB promoting Ford Truck Month.

“Enno and Kristina bring style, imagination and passion to every project,” says A Common Thread Executive Producer J.P. McMahon. “We’ve admired them, and their work for a long time and are excited to have the opportunity to work with them as they continue to flourish and grow.”


Jacobsen, who is originally from Germany, has been directing commercials for 14 years and has executed award-winning campaigns for Volkswagen, Target, Toyota and others. Slade has a background as an agency creative, including stints at Ground Zero, TBWAChiatDay and AKQA. She has earned numerous accolades for her work, including Cannes Lions, D&AD, One Show and Belding awards.

The pair have been working as Jacob/Slade since 2013. Their work together benefits from Jacobsen’s skills as a filmmaker and storyteller, Slade’s experience as a creative thinker and brand strategist, and the fluid collaboration that has developed between them. “We’re excited by storytelling,” notes Slade, “and we like the challenge of telling stories in a short period of time that both meet an advertising agenda and impact people, especially when we can do it with a smile and a wink.”

Jacob/Slade’s new Ford work involves elaborate daydreams as visitors to a Ford dealership lay their hand on a new truck and immediately imagine themselves carrying out adventurous deeds. While the concept presented excellent storytelling potential, it also involved a complex production with four days of shooting across nearly a dozen locations, intricate off-roading sequences, set builds, and creating inclement weather.

For such complex projects, it can be a real benefit to have two directors, observes Jacobsen. It allowed them to manage a myriad of details and keep the production on track, without losing the ability to experiment and explore. “We want to be sure we retain the spontaneity of inspiration,” he explains. “When we come to set we’ve thought everything through and are fully prepared, and that frees us to look for the opportunities for magic.”

Regarding their decision to join A Common Thread, Slade says that she and Jacobsen feel a kinship with Executive Producers J.P. McMahon and Tristan Drew. “J.P. and Tristan are hands-on producers, who invest themselves into their company and their projects,” she observes. “That struck us because we have that same commitment. We want to work with people who share our passion and values, and whom we can trust.”

Jacobsen adds that their experience on Ford confirmed that they made the right choice. “J.P and Tristan are very detailed, and yet they trusted us to do what we do,” he insists. “It’s the start of a very good partnership.”

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The Colonie Promotes Jimmy Helm to Editor

2017-07-24 11:08:49 sj-golden

The Colonie, the Chicago-based editorial, visual effect, motion graphics shop, has announced the promotion of Jimmy Helm to editor.

Helm, an innovative and adept talent, honed his craft working with The Colonie’s senior editors on a wide range of projects over the past seven-years. Most recently, Helm has been managing ongoing social media work with Facebook, Inc. and conceptualizing and editing short format advertisements. Some of the clients he’s working with include Lyft, Dos Equis, Capital One, Heineken & Microsoft.

“It’s been wonderful watching Jimmy grow, both as a creative editor and as a leader,” says Mary Caddy, executive producer and partner at The Colonie. “He brings an instinct, fresh aesthetic and attention to detail to every project. Jimmy’s a kind, easy-going, resourceful talent that both co-workers and clients love working with.”

A filmmaking major at Columbia College Chicago, Helm applied for an internship at The Colonie in 2010. Six months later he was offered a full-time position as an assistant editor, working alongside veteran cutter Tom Pastorelle on commercials for brands such as McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, Quaker, and Wrangler. During this time, Helm edited numerous projects on his own, including broadcast commercials for Centrum and Kay Jewelers.

“Tom is incredible to work with,” says Helm. “Not only is he a great editor but a great person. He shared his editorial methods and taught me the importance of bringing your instinctual creativity to the process. I feel fortunate to have had him as a mentor.”

In 2014, Helm was promoted to senior assistant editor and continued to hone his editing skills while taking on a leadership role. His keen creative sensibility and versatility earned him accolades at AICE’s annual Camp Kuleshov editing competition in 2014 and 2015.

“My passion for visual storytelling began when I was young,” says Helm “Growing up in Memphis, I spent a great deal of time watching classic films by great directors. I realize now that I was doing more than watching, I was studying their techniques and particularly their editing styles. When you’re editing a scene, there’s something addictive about the rhythm you create and the drama you build. I love that I get to do it every day.”

“There’s a special camaraderie at The Colonie.” adds Helm “Coming up through the ranks – from intern to assistant editor to senior assistant editor and now editor – has been an incredible journey. The Colonie gave me the support I needed to excel as a visual storyteller, and the opportunity to be a part of a gifted collaborative team.”

Helm joins The Colonie’s editorial team, comprised of Joe Clear, Keith Kristinat, Tom Pastorelle, and Brian Salazar along with editors and partners Bob Ackerman and Brian Sepanik. The full-service boutique’s cutters are part of a multi-disciplined collective of talent that also includes VFX artist Tom Dernulc, and motion graphic designers Lyndsay McCully and Jennifer Moody. They are supported by assistant editors Graham Chapman, Lauren Malis, Ben Pokorny and Nathan Rodgers.

For more information about Jimmy Helm or The Colonie and its services contact executive producer Mary Caddy at 312-255-1234, or Sonia Blum at Sonia Reps, 312.944.1100, or visit

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Julia Merrill Joins Nine Mile Circle as Executive Producer

2017-07-20 20:22:36 artisanspr

ATLANTA—Nine Mile Circle, which provides editorial, finishing, sound and color services for commercials, television and film, has hired Julia Merrill as executive producer. Merrill, whose background includes nine years as a writer/producer for Cartoon Network, will lead client relations, business development and project management. She will also work with Nine Mile Circle editor and owner Kyle Kramb in implementing the company’s further expansion plans, including a move to a larger facility this fall.

Julia Merrill

Kramb cited Merrill’s experience in production and post, great reputation and enthusiasm in welcoming her to the Nine Mile team. “We’re excited to have Julia join us,” he said. “We believe our clients are going to benefit greatly from her dedication, knowledge and efficiency, and they will love her passion for the creative process.”

Merrill has worked in Atlanta’s media and entertainment industry for 15 years. A graduate of Georgia State University, she joined Cartoon Network in 2002. There, she wrote and produced promos and other broadcast media for the network’s shows and for advertising partners, including McDonald’s and Sony Pictures. For the past three years, she has worked as a freelance writer, producer and project manager, handling a wide range assignments for local agencies, producers, post houses and digital studios. She began her career as an editor.

Merrill welcomes the opportunity to guide clients through the post production process. “Post is where it all comes together,” she said. “I got my start as an editor and have always valued the creative aspects of post. I enjoy working with schedules and budgets in ways that help clients achieve their creative goals.”

She added that she is impressed with the company that Kramb has built and is eager to help it grow. “I love that Nine Mile is an artist owned and operated company,” she observed. “Kyle is a great leader and has assembled an excellent team. This company has wonderful client relationships and I look forward to strengthening and adding to them.”

About Nine Mile Circle

Artist owned and operated, Nine Mile Circle is a premiere post production house offering a full-service sensibility in a boutique environment. The company’s award-winning team collaborates on broadcast, digital and social media projects with leading ad agencies, networks, production companies and filmmakers from all over the world. Services include creative editorial, Flame finishing, visual effects, motion graphics, animation, color correction, audio mixing, sound design and full production services all available under one roof.


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Catherine Finkenstaedt joins Slim

2017-07-18 13:19:25 ccwire-staff

Award-winning commercial and music video producer Catherine Finkenstaedt has joined Slim, a creative production company based in Venice, California. She comes to Slim from from GO Film, Wondros and, most recently, Spears and Arrows. Finkenstaedt will be working with various directors at Slim, including Karen Cunningham, ZCDC, Thomas Garber, Jason Headley, Vincent Urban, Pet & Flo, Brad Morrison, Jeff Baena and Wondo.

Slim Executive Producer Tom Weissferdt said: “Catherine and I have a long history, starting at Squeak Pictures. She has an incredible understanding of directors; their passion points and creative strengths.” In addition, “she has vast expertise in the identification, cultivation, and nurturing of directors in traditional commercial, digital, and music content where we, as a company, continue to grow and thrive.”

“I could not be happier to be joining executive producer Tom Weissferdt (who I worked with in the past) in this very important next phase of my career and in the growth of Slim,” says Finkenstaedt. “We are in a sea of change in commercial and integrated production and I am excited to help support the directors and to also help identify others whose voices are yet to be heard in traditional or integrated marketing content.”

Finkenstaedt has executive produced campaigns for various companies, including Target, Toyota, Nike, AT&T, Comcast, Activision, Visa, Macy’s and the Tokyo Olympic Committee. She has also worked with directors Jake Scott, Sam Bayer, The Malloys, Patrick Daughters, Anton Corbijn, Chris Cunningham, Mark Romanek, David Kellogg, Matthew Rolston, McG, Antoine Fuqua, Sophie Muller and Hype Williams. Musical artists she’s collaborated with include Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Metallica, and Oasis.

She is deeply passionate about the convergence of all media platforms and believes that there is a unique art form to telling stories in the short and mid-length formats that keep both directors and talent engaged, busy, and uniquely active while also telling brands’ stories. Music is an important part of her focus and she appreciates the chance to tell tales of love, angst, and beauty within the music video format.

Raised outside of Cambridge, England, Finkenstaedt attended Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusettes, where she studied theatre and film. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her pet-loving husband and her five furry children.

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The Famous Group Signs Director Elizabeth Orne

2017-07-10 16:59:34 rpg246

Culver City, California – Director Elizabeth Orne has signed with bi-coastal The Famous Group for spots and branded content. Her reel includes spots for French’s, iROBOT and Coors. She is probably best known for her highly lauded short film titled, “Crazy Glue,” which put her in SHOOT magazine’s Director Showcase. Orne has already wrapped her first project at The Famous Group, a spot for Hasbro out of agency TOWNHOUSE.

Tall Tales

“Elizabeth (Orne) is about telling stories, including all the subtle detail,” says Famous Group Managing Director David Kwan. “Her spots entertain in a charming and effortless way.” For her part, Orne has spent the last several years continuing to build her reel while looking for the right production company. The Famous Group and Kwan fit the bill. “Talking to David (Kwan), I found him to be very intelligent and strategic. I just wrapped my first spot here, for Hasbro. The project was pretty straightforward, it was about getting honest emotional performances from kids.”

Love Story

Orne’s life began with a love for storytelling and filmmaking. At age five, she was already directing, casting cousins for plays performed in her basement. Orne quickly ascertained that her life’s niche lie in entertaining audiences. “I love storytelling, it’s very intimate,” she says. A Masters in Film from NYU resulted after studying Art History and working contemporary galleries in London, New York and Los Angeles.

Fast Start

Her NYU thesis film titled, “Crazy Glue” received rave reviews and was named an official selection at the Telluride Film Festival. The film, based on a short story from Etgar Keret, tells the story of a couple going through a rocky time in their relationship, literally re-bonding in the end with the help of Crazy Glue. “I saw it as a metaphor for attachment in a romantic relationship,” says Orne. “But it had a Rorschach effect on audiences, some people see the ending as romantic, some see it as sociopathic. I picked that story to direct because I love magical realism, dry character based comedy and absurdity.”

Clean The Roomba

Orne’s thoughts on magical realism are illustrated in an ad she directed for iROBOT vacuum cleaners. In the spot titled, “Princess,” the camera pans up on an adorable little girl loving the attributes of both glue and glitter. She proudly shows off her newly created masterpiece for the camera, creating a spill only the iRobot could thoroughly clean up in a single pass.

About The Famous Group:

The Famous Group is a Cannes, Emmy, ONE Show and AICP award-winning production company located in downtown Culver City, Ca and Soho, New York. Founded in 2006, the company’s roster of highly-skilled directors, creatives, producers, editors and artists produce an incredible array of high-quality, engaging, live action, digital, graphics and experiential content.

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Autodesk Names Andrew Anagnost President and CEO

2017-06-29 22:14:40 ccwire-staff

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Autodesk, Inc. announced that its board of directors has appointed Andrew Anagnost, current interim co-chief executive officer and chief marketing officer, as the company’s new president and CEO, effective immediately. He will also join Autodesk’s board of directors.

“The board and I are delighted that Andrew will lead Autodesk into its next stage of growth,” said Crawford W. Beveridge, chairman of the board of Autodesk. “Andrew has been instrumental in the development and execution of Autodesk’s successful business model transition, and with his leadership, we are confident that our move to the cloud and subscription will continue to be successful.”

Anagnost, who holds a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering and Computer Science from Stanford University, began his career at Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company and as an NRC fellow at NASA Ames Research Center. After joining Autodesk in 1997, he held various technical and strategic roles.

He led engineering for Autodesk Inventor, the company’s 3D model-based product design and engineering tool, growing revenue five-fold during his tenure.  As senior vice president of business strategy and marketing, he led the company’s successful transition to a subscription business model, and drove adoption of Autodesk’s cloud technologies. For more on Anagnost’s background and a full bio, visit

“This is an exciting time for Autodesk, and I am thrilled to be taking on the CEO role,” said Anagnost. “Autodesk transformed the design industry by bringing CAD to the PC 35 years ago, and in the last 10 years became the clear technology leader. We were first to bring design to the cloud and mobile, and now we’re bringing construction and manufacturing to the cloud as well. I can’t wait to lead Autodesk into our next phase of growth, where we will combine business and product innovation to become an even more customer-focused company.”

Anagnost’s appointment follows the February 2017 resignation of the company’s former president and CEO, Carl Bass, and a comprehensive search process conducted by the board over the last four months.

“I have worked closely with Andrew over the past 20 years, and I know he will be a great leader for Autodesk,” said Bass, Autodesk board director. “His contributions and dedication to the company, our employees, and customers have been immeasurable. I look forward to working with him from my seat on the board and can’t wait to see where he takes Autodesk in the future.”

Autodesk also announced that Amar Hanspal, senior vice president, chief product officer and interim co-CEO, has decided to leave the company. Anagnost commented, “I want to thank Amar for his many important contributions to Autodesk’s culture and product line over his 30 years with the company. He is a great colleague and friend, and he will be missed.”

About Autodesk
Autodesk makes software for people who make things. If you’ve ever driven a high-performance car, admired a towering skyscraper, used a smartphone, or watched a great film, chances are you’ve experienced what millions of Autodesk customers are doing with our software. Autodesk gives you the power to make anything. For more information visit or follow @autodesk.

Safe Harbor Statement
This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, including statements about our ability to successfully continue to transition to the cloud and subscription. You can identify forward-looking statements by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. There are a significant number of factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from statements made in this press release, including: failure to achieve our revenue and profitability objectives; failure to successfully manage transitions to business models and markets; general market, political, economic and business conditions; failure to control our expenses; our performance in particular geographies, including emerging economies; weak or negative growth in the industries we serve; the financial and business condition of our reseller and distribution channels; dependence on and the timing of large transactions; failure to achieve sufficient sell-through in our channels for new or existing products; pricing pressure; unexpected fluctuations in our tax rate; and changes in the timing of product releases and retirements.

Further information on potential factors that could affect the financial results of Autodesk are included in Autodesk’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended January 31, 2017 and Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the fiscal quarter ended April 30, 2017, which are on file with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Autodesk disclaims any obligation to update the forward-looking statements provided to reflect events that occur or circumstances that exist after the date on which they were made.

Autodesk is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Autodesk reserves the right to alter product and services offerings, and specifications and pricing at any time without notice, and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document.

© 2017 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Animation Directors Troy Saliba and Steve Rawlins Join Double Negative

2017-06-22 20:59:07 ccwire-staff

Double Negative announced the appointment of celebrated Animation Directors Troy Saliba and Steve Rawlins to thier global animation team.

Troy, whose animation supervision credits include Disney’s ‘The Haunted Mansion’ and Columbia Pictures’ ‘The Smurfs’ and ‘Monster House’, will be joining our London studio. Steve, who has most recently worked on ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ and has previously supervised animation on films such as ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’, will be joining us in Vancouver.

Double Negative has expanded its global animation capabilities in recent years, both in Visual Effects and through our Feature Animation division, and we are currently delivering animation on an epic scale as the exclusive VFX partner on Legendary Entertainment and Universal’s ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’. We are also well into production on our first fully CG animated feature for a major Hollywood studio.

“Over the last few years we have built a strong and sustainable animation business at Double Negative, bringing in and developing the best animation talent to work on the very best projects. I am excited to have Troy and Steve join us as Animation Directors; their talent and experience will further strengthen our already successful animation team,” said Alex Hope, Double Negative’s Co-founder and Managing Director.

With a career spanning almost 30 years, Troy has most recently served as an Animation Supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks on projects such as ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, ‘The Haunted Mansion’, ‘Monster House’, ‘G-Force’, ‘The Smurfs’ and ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’. He also worked as a Senior Animator on the Academy Award® winning ‘Spider-Man 2’ (2004), ‘Stuart Little 2’ (VES Award winner) and ‘The Chubbchubbs!’ (Academy Award® winner for Best Animated Short Film).

Speaking about his appointment, Troy Saliba said: “With plans to expand their character-based VFX work, and develop more animated feature projects, the future is very exciting at Double Negative. It’s a wonderful opportunity to come on board with this talented team of artists.”

Steve joins Double Negative with over 20 years of experience at Industrial Light and Magic. In a career dedicated to animation, Steve’s supervisory credits include ‘Captain America: Civil War’ (for which he supervised the animation of the airport fight sequence), ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’, ‘I am Number Four’, ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’, ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ and ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’. Other major franchises he has lent his skills to include ‘Transformers’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Star Wars’.

“I’m really excited to be joining Double Negative and their wonderful team of artists,” said Steve Rawlins. “I’ve long been an admirer of Dneg’s work, and the talented filmmakers that collaborate with them.”

Source: Double Negative

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A Common Thread Signs “LUV” Director Sheldon Candis

2017-06-15 18:17:57 artisanspr

LOS ANGELES— Award-winning director Sheldon Candis, best known for the 2012 Sundance feature LUV, has joined A Common Thread for advertising projects. Candis’s work encompasses features, episodic television, documentaries, branded content and spots.  He has already directed several commercials in tandem with A Common Thread, including campaigns for Ford and Honda.

“Sheldon’s approach to every project is refreshing and invigorating,” said A Common Thread Executive Producer J.P. McMahon. “You can’t help but share his eagerness for creating something special from concept to finished product.”

Candis’ commercial work is rooted in emotionally-driven storytelling. Born to Roll, his recent spot for Ford, weaves stories of three powerful African-American women, a dancer, a chef and a fighter pilot. Greatness within Reach for Honda features Brian and Autumn Merritt, who talk about the inspiration behind their trendy Chicago boutique, Sir & Madame. Candis also directed I Will What I Want, a web series for Under Armour, in which Misty Copeland describes her challenges as the first black woman in more than 20 years to become a soloist with the American Ballet Theatre.

“I try to create a genuine connection from the emotions of the human condition,” Candis says. “For Ford, I got to make a car commercial that isn’t a ‘car commercial.’ It’s about the experience of these three women. You’re surprised at the end that it’s from Ford.”

A Baltimore native, Candis graduated from USC School of Cinematic Arts and early in his career worked in a variety of production roles. His break came in 2012 when his feature debut, LUV, which he also co-wrote, became an official selection at Sundance. The film, which starred Common, Danny Glover, Dennis Haysbert, Michael K. Williams and Michael Rainey Jr., drew rave reviews for its uncompromising portrait of gun violence in black America. LUV was named Best Independent Feature at the 2013 Black Reel Awards and was also nominated for a Humanitas Prize and Sundance’s Grand Jury Prize.

Since then, Candis’s work has included the documentary feature Here Comes the Show for ESPN’s 30 for 30 series. It centers on the 1981-83 Dunbar Poets, billed as “the greatest high school basketball team ever.” He also directed Who Will Survive America, about the easy accessibility of firearms in the U.S., for Sundance’s Now Doc Club. Most recently, he directed two episodes of the BET drama Rebel.

Regarding his decision to join A Common Thread, Candis said that the company shares his values and commitment to integrity in the filmmaking process. “I appreciate the family atmosphere at A Common Thread,” he notes. “And I feel that J.P. is a true collaborator. He is a creative producer and isn’t locked into a particular approach because of budget. That says a lot about him and the company.”

Candis says that his aim in advertising is not merely to sell products, but to sell emotions “Part of my mandate is not only to entertain, but also to educate,” he says. “I want to spark a conversation that motivates people to act.”

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The Famous Group Has Signed Directing Duo The Queen

2017-06-14 08:07:47 rpg246

Culver City, Calif. – Directing duo The Queen–consisting of Dan Lumb and Crinan Campbell — has joined bicoastal The Famous Group for spots and branded content. The Queen just wrapped its first job for the production company, a comedic social media campaign for YETI coolers out of McGarrah Jessee – Austin. The announcement was made by The Famous Group Managing Director David Kwan. The Queen specializes in short films, commercials and online branding content. Recent work includes projects for AARP, Virgin Media, Samsung and

“Dan (Lumb) and Crinan (Campbell) bring a kinetic energy to their work through the use of inventive and dynamic in-camera effects,” says Kwan. “I am excited to have them bring their unique visual storytelling approach to The Famous Group.”

Two Looks, One Opinion
Both Lumb and Campbell agree that The Queen is a tale of two London flatmates starting as editors and later re-connecting as directors. Five years ago, their film on the plight of an illegal immigrant titled, “Extranjero” took the Sundance Film Festival/London by storm, taking top Short Film honors. The work started rolling in. “We’re like an old married couple that can finish each others sentences,” says Lumb. “We started directing separately for a bit, then decided it was more fun to work together. We have similar tastes and know what we want. There’s really two “looks” we go for, one is a more run-and-gun, observational style and the other is visual tricks. Both are grounded in heavy art direction.”

Single Take For Yeti
The Queen just wrapped their first project for The Famous Group, showing off the real-world durability of YETI coolers and jugs. The project started with agency McGarrah Jessee enlisting The Queen’s help with some single take videos showing off the product’s superiority. The directing duo ending up shooting ten scenarios: five with the YETI Hopper and five with the YETI Jug against the competition. What started as a social media campaign for the YETI website expanded into a spot campaign. “It was really important that every test be 100% real and fair, which is one of the reasons it was crucial to shoot each test in one take – to show that there was no trickery involved and no unfair advantage given to the YETI product,” says Kwan. “What The Queen did for YETI and the agency in terms of choreographing each test was unique and fun.”

About The Famous Group:
The Famous Group is a Cannes, Emmy and AICP award-winning production company located in downtown Culver City, Ca and Soho, New York. Founded in 2006, the company’s roster of highly skilled creatives, directors, producers, editors and artists produce an incredible array of high-quality, engaging, live action, digital, graphics and experiential content.

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Director Kevin Bray Joins Hound

2017-06-08 15:18:55 ccwire-staff

Los Angeles, CA – Director Kevin Bray has come aboard the roster of L.A. based Hound for U.S. representation spanning commercials, branded content and music videos.

Bray got his start as a director in the music video arena, working with such notable artists as Jennifer Lopez, Brandy, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion, Mary J. Blige, Biz Markie and Eric B. & Rakim. In the ad space, he has helmed spots for brands such as USA Network, Nike, Puma, Verizon, Macy’s and the Florida Lottery. His extensive television directing credits include work for such shows as Suits, The Killing, Heroes, Scandal, Veronica Mars, The Vampire Diaries, Insecure, Empire, The Americans and Black-ish. Bray is currently directing two episodes for Season 2 of the HBO comedy Insecure, a number of episodes for Season 4 of ABC’s Golden Globe-winning comedy Black-ish, and is currently in development on a number of episodic series.

Bray’s iconic music video work led to his entree into feature film, making his feature debut with All About the Benjamins, starring Ice Cube, Mike Epps and Eva Mendes. Additional features include the remake of Walking Tall starring The Rock, and Linewatch starring Cuba Gooding Jr.

“Kevin delivers a fresh perspective to each and every project that he works on, bringing an energy that pushes the whole cast and crew to challenge themselves creatively,” noted Hound executive producer Missy Galanida. “His extensive background in music videos and television are perfectly aligned with the current branded content landscape. He brings such an authentic entertainment value to every project he works on, regardless of genre.”

Bray previously collaborated with Galanida at commercial/music video production house DNA and on various music video projects since. “Missy exhibits that same integral improv ethos that I have with my work and that continuity allows for some great creative collaboration,” said Bray. “There are no bad ideas and working with people who are in sync to exploring new approaches results in much better work.”

Growing up in a family of cinephiles, Bray has a passion for filmmaking that was nurtured by his songwriter brother, mentoring him through film studies at the University of Paris (Sorbonne) and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Drawing an inspiration from music and story, Bray directed his first video for De La Soul’s track “Potholes in My Lawn.” Deriving a free-form and improvisational approach to filmmaking from his music video work, his experiences across commercials, television, features and music clips have reciprocally informed one another, allowed for a fresh cross-pollination of ideas and techniques across all disciplines.

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Oceana Branding Signs Director Jan Boon

2017-05-31 10:31:20 rpg246

Los Angeles – Oceana Branding has signed Director Jan Boon for exclusive representation in the US for commercials and branded content. The announcement was made by Oceana Director/Founder/EP Danny Sawaf. Boon is probably best known for his prowess in documentary-style branding, an example being his short for Samsung titled, “The Worst Instagram Ever,” which took Gold at last year’s Shanghai Film Festival. The highly lauded doc can be viewed here.

“Oceana Branding is all about introducing directorial gems from around the world to the US,” says Sawaf. “Jan Boon’s genius lies in his ability to create riveting, branding styled docs in ways we’ve never seen before. He’s a world-class screenwriter, photographer and director.”


Boon is the son of screenplay writer Jacques Boon. As a teenager, Boon photographed and documented the deviant behavior of various hooligan groups and selected rock bands. He received his first degree in sketching, lithography and photography at the Academy of Arts in Anderlect. He then studied film at two Brussels based film schools, RITS and NARAFI, receiving a degree in Screenplay Writing from the Flemish Script Academy. Between 2004-2006 Boon directed music videos for a variety of Belgium music artists, garnering an MTV award. His love of music took Boon to the stage, writing several musical plays, collaborating with producer Liesbeth Vereerbrugghen.

Spot Work

Boon directed his first spot in 2006 for the women’s magazine “Flair,” garnering second place Young Director’s Award in Cannes. Since, Boon has created a body of spot work known for visual storytelling and actor-based “high brow” humor.

His recent awards consist of numerous international accolades (Bronze Lion at Cannes FF x5, Silver LIA at London international Awards, 2 x Silver at CCB awards, Bronze at Eurobest, and a shortlist at the New York Film Festival and ADCN award Amsterdam x3).

Branding Docs

Boon has recently directed content for some of the best known brands in the world, including Smirnoff, Carlsberg and Samsung. Last year’s doc for Samsung titled, “The Worst Instagram Ever,” chronicles Runar Jonsson, a Nordic fisherman who loves photography. In the doc, his wife concedes that Runar may be the worst photographer ever. For his part, Runar defends his mostly black photographs, blaming the lack of light at the top of the world for affecting his pics. In the end, Runar is giving a new Samsung phone to shoot with and reunited with a man that years ago saved him from a deadly fishing accident.

More information can be found at Steve Fisher RPG Los Angeles

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CARTONI President & CEO Elisabetta Cartoni Selected as Associate Member in the ASC

2017-05-31 10:27:24 artisanspr

ROME— Cartoni (S.p.A.) today announces that Elisabetta Cartoni, the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, has been accepted as an Associate Member of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC).

Associate membership in the ASC, the oldest continuously operating motion picture society in the world, is considered a great privilege. Membership is granted by invitation-only and based on the individual’s contributions to the motion picture industry in general and cinematography in particular. Currently, there are fewer than 200 associate members worldwide. Cartoni’s membership was sponsored by Jon Fauer ASC, Kees Van Oostrum ASC President, Dante Spinotti ASC, AIC, and a recommendation by Garrett Brown.

“It is a remarkable honor to be selected for membership in the ASC,” said Cartoni. “I am extremely proud to join the many talented artists and industry colleagues belonging to this prestigious organization whose name is synonymous with the art of cinematography.”

Elisabetta Cartoni heads the Rome-based company that is an industry leader in professional camera support systems. Cinematographers and other camera professionals around the world employ Cartoni fluid heads, tripods, pedestals and other specialty gear in the production of motion pictures, television documentaries and news.

CARTONI (S.p.A.) is a family run company founded in 1935 by Elisabetta’s grandfather, Renato Cartoni, Director of Italy’s State Institute of Cinematography. Her father, Guido Cartoni led the company for more than four decades, and bolstered it into an industry leader. His pioneering efforts in the design of camera support systems was recognized with the receipt of serval awards including an AMPAS Scientific and Technical Achievement Award, ATIC Technical Awards and a SOC Technical Achievement Awards.

Since 1990, under Elisabetta’s guidance, the company continues to grow through a tradition of innovative design. It currently holds more than 35 patents for camera support technology and enjoys an international reputation for reliability, performance and engineering excellence. Her commitment to supplying the world’s cinematographers with forward-looking technology has helped to fortify CARTONI’s place in the Hollywood community.


Reflecting the state of the art in camera support technology, CARTONI offers the widest product range in the industry. 80 years of know-how and experience, innovative solutions, patented technologies and the constant care of serving the professional in any shooting situation with any camera, make CARTONI synonymous with excellence in camera support. CARTONI currently exports from Rome, its Italian headquarters, to 65 countries in five continents, with a network of agents and distributors serving all major international users. CARTONI’s mission is to guarantee the cameraman the highest possible reliability, freedom and creativity in any environment.

CARTONI SpA – Via Giuseppe Mirri 13 – Rome 00159 (Rm) Italy – Ph +39 064382002


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PICROW Names Tiffany Caprice Head of Marketing/New Business Development

2017-05-13 09:36:29 rpg246

Los Angeles — PICROW, the Hollywood-headquartered commercial and television production company, has named Tiffany Caprice Head of Marketing and New Business Development. She will report to company Founder/Director Peter Lang. Caprice is no stranger to PICROW; having assisted Director Peter Lang cast his highly successful decade-long branding campaign for USAA Insurance while working a senior role at Dan Bell Casting. Caprice also cast talent for independent films and commercials through Sanford Casting.


Caprice believes that PICROW, having produced award-winning content for Amazon (i.e. Emmy-winning comedy series Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, Goliath, Patriot, I Love Dick, and more) is ready to continue it’s expansion: “I’m here to grow the careers of our directors with compelling projects that challenge them to create and innovate,” says Caprice. “We want to increase our production while serving as a resource for all our clients, past and present. There’s already a lot of trust in the Picrow brand with anyone we’ve worked with, and I want to expand their numbers. I want them to look to PICROW for projects, from inception to finish and/or standard production with or without post, or post alone. I also want to develop more business-direct production and branding, while continuing to spread the word about the specialness that defines Picrow’s work. When you see the PICROW logo I want it to communicate that we do great work.”


Picrow represents a new hybrid — a combination studio, production house, and post house. Commercials, documentaries, television shows, branding films, and theatrical features shows get produced at PICROW. In addition to Lang’s recent work, PICROW’s turn-key production collective, The Hall, was just awarded a Gold ADDY for its Unforgettable Disney commercial campaign and a bronze for their Mickey Around The World integrated branding promotion. The Hall is composed of Benjamin Nussbaum, Director/Editor, Joe Remerowski, Director/Editor, Charles Son, Director/DP/Editor, Gregory Nussbaum, Head of Post/Editor/Colorist, Zachary Nussbaum, Editor/VFX Artist, Lisa Rucker, Editor/VFX Artist and Matt Twomey, Editor/VFX Artist. Production support for The Hall includes Sharon Groh, Executive Producer, Richard DiLorenzo, Production, Sophie Magaraci, Production and Lucy Fletcher, Production.

New Markets and more

“I’m excited to help find new markets for PICROW,” says Caprice. “Having cast many of Peter’s (Lang) spots, I was always impressed with how he pulls great performances out of real people. Every spot or short film he directs takes his art farther and builds on his legacy of great branding. And now we have the entire PICROW team, all of them extremely talented, and we have a world-class facility — everything to produce award-winning content for any size screen.”


Pictures In A Row (PICROW) is a combination studio, production house, and post house — a new hybrid. Equipped with distinguished directors, full time development and production staff, digital talent, and post facilities for commercials, film and television. The company is headquartered at 736 Seward St., Hollywood, CA 90038. For more information go to


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