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Joseph Wallace Creates Beautiful Stop-Motion Video for Sparks

BAFTA-nominated animation director Joseph Wallace has created a cinematic new stop-motion music video for the legendary American pop band Sparks. “Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me)” is the latest single to be released from the band’s new album Hippopotamus, out September 8th on BMG.

The video, which features the band (Californian brothers Ron and Russell Mael) immortalized in puppet form, was made in only six weeks at prodco Cardel Entertainment and is brought to life with Wallace’s recognizable blend of wiry puppets, cardboard sets and painted backgrounds. Pairing his visually arresting animation with Sparks’ musically uplifting, yet lyrically melancholic track, Wallace has created a stunning Parisian world in which Ron and Russell find themselves in pursuit of something beyond their grasp.

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