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IBC 2016: CARTONI Launches Lightweight Fluid Head MASTER 30 Series

New lightweight, compact head is available in Broadcast and Digital Cinematography versions.

Rome—Cartoni, a world leader in precision camera support, today announces the release of MASTER 30 Broadcast and MASTER 30 Cine, the latest additions to its innovative line of fluid heads. Designed respectively for broadcast production and digital cinematography, the two new heads include many of the features of the popular Cartoni MAXIMA fluid head in a unit that is lighter and more compact. Cartoni will demonstrate MASTER 30 Broadcast and MASTER 30 Cine for the first time at IBC 2016 (Stand 12.E30) 9-13 September in Amsterdam.

Both heads in the MASTER 30 Series feature Cartoni’s famed “wing” counterbalance system, which delivers perfect response, even for payloads with low centers of gravity (such as those with teleprompters) throughout the +/- 90 ° range. The head supports payloads up to 23kg (51lbs) at 200mm (8-inch) center of gravity, and heavier payloads up to 30kg (66lbs) and 40kg (88lbs) at 150 mm (6-inch) COG and 100mm (4-inc) COG, respectively.

MASTER 30 BroadcastThreeShot

“Camera operators will be thrilled with the smoothness and fluidity of MASTER 30,” says Cartoni CEO Elisabetta Cartoni. “The head’s unique feel is the result  of our patented ‘planetary’ drag mechanism. It delivers perfectly smooth movement in pan and tilt, going from virtually freewheeling to an extremely consistent, maximum drag, while also providing extraordinarily precise starts and stops.”

Other appealing features of MASTER 30 include a digital readout that allows operators to check counterbalance and pan & tilt settings at a glance, and an illuminated bubble level. For improved user friendliness, pan & tilt brakes are conveniently placed on the left side of the head. The camera latch has also been ergonomically designed. It can be activated with one hand to disengage the new safety lock and free the camera plate.

MASTER 30 Broadcast comes equipped with dual telescopic pan bars. MASTER 30 Cine features a single telescopic pan bar and a short, 90° pan bar.

MASTER 30 Cine

MASTER 30 Cine


Model:                                                 MASTER 30 Broadcast and MASTER 30 Cine

Payload Capacity                             @200mm (8”)                    23 kg (51 lbs)

@150mm (6”)                    30 kg (66 lbs)

@100mm (4”)                    40 kg (88 lbs)

Weight                                                 10,5 kg (23 lbs)

Pan Range                                           360°

Tilt Range                                            360°

Counterbalance                               Continuous (Wing patented system)

Fluid Drag                                           Continuous (Planetary patented system)

Bowl Diameter                                 Flat Mitchell/150mm

Temp. Range                                     -40°/+60°C (-40°/+140°F)

Pan Bar (Broadcast)                        Dual

Pan Bar (Cine)                                   Telescopic and 90° pan bars



Reflecting the state-of-the-art in camera support technology, Cartoni offers the industry’s widest product range. More than 80 years of know-how and experience, innovative solutions, patents, new technologies and the constant care of serving the professional in any shooting situation with any camera, make Cartoni synonymous with excellence in camera support. Cartoni designs and manufactures with pride from its headquarters in Rome, Italy, and currently exports to 67 countries in five continents, with a network of agents and distributors serving all major international users. Cartoni’s mission is to guarantee the cameraman the highest possible reliability, freedom and creativity in any environment.


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