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Accomplice Media’s Stephen Pearson Directs Marcus Mariota for First Hawaiian Bank

2017-10-26 09:36:40 artisanspr

Los Angeles— Tennessee Titans star Marcus Mariota might take chances on the football field, but when it comes to managing his money, he avoids Hail Marys.

In a new spot for First Hawaiian Bank, conceived by Honolulu agency MVNP and directed by Accomplice Media’s Stephen Pearson, the thoughtful financial strategy developed by the Hawaii native and his personal banker is humorously contrasted with get-rich-quick schemes of a flamboyant acquaintance. When “Ian” approaches Mariota at a posh restaurant and babbles about his advisor’s ability to turn “hundreds into millions overnight,” the quarterback rolls his eyes and demurs, “I think I’ll stick with the plan.”

The ad is a continuation of a campaign begun last year featuring Mariota and promoting bank services that make practical differences in people’s lives. The original spots underscored ways that First Hawaiian helps people plan for weddings, vacations and other “milestones.” The new spots pick up on the same theme, promoting personal banking and debit card programs. They also bring back some of the characters from the first flight, including Ian, who starred in an ad set on an airplane as Mariota’s spendthrift seatmate.

“A lot of bank commercials present a romanticized view of banking and Hawaii,” says MVNP Executive Creative Director Vince Soliven. “We’re focusing on real people and scenarios that they face in their daily lives.”

“Our strength as a bank is helping solve real financial problems, so we worked closely with MVNP to create spots that resonated with the audience,” agrees Chris Dods, First Hawaiian Bank, Executive Vice President, Consumer Banking and Marketing Group Manager. “These spots required a director who could pull them off in a natural way—and Stephen did that.”

Part of the success of the campaign lies in Pearson’s ability to present Mariota, who enjoys hero status in his home state, as a regular Joe. “Even though he’s successful and famous, Marcus hasn’t lost the values his parents taught him,” notes Pearson. “He trusts First Hawaiian with his money.”

Pearson adds that he helped Mariota relax in front of the camera by allowing him to ad lib some of his lines. “I wanted to make sure Marcus was comfortable with the material and having fun on set,” he explains. “He’s very down to earth, professional and has a good sense of humor. When he was laughing with the crew, I knew he was happy to be there.”

In addition to the new broadcast spots, Pearson directed a series of 15-second web shorts featuring Mariota and the money squandering Ian.

Pearson shot the spots in Hawaii. The production included several practical locations and a stage shoot for the web shorts. “Stephen and his crew were focused on telling the stories and finding solutions to creative challenges without compromising,” says Soliven. “He’s a seasoned director with a new school mentality, a true collaborator and very good at making talent feel comfortable. He’s a good guy to have on set.”

For more information about Accomplice Media, visit


Client:                  First Hawaiian Bank.

Agency: MVNP. Vince Soliven, Executive Creative Director; Juju Ranches, Sr. Art Director; Jo Archibald, Sr. Copywriter; Malcolm Bailey, Copywriter.

Production:        Accomplice Media Stephen Pearson Director; Jeff Snyder, Executive Producer.

See the spot:


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Stephen Arnold Music Debuts “Ready” – Multi-Themed/Multi-Platform Image Campaign For Local TV Stations

2017-10-17 10:57:56 rayecke
DALLAS, TX – Stephen Arnold Music, the World Leader in Sonic Branding, has announced the launch of “Ready.” Featuring multiple themes of “Morning Ready,” “Weather Ready” and “Always Ready,” the campaign is the latest in a series of comprehensive audio and video offerings from Stephen Arnold Music, providing local TV stations with a cost-effective marketing toolkit.
“Ready” provides stations with full 360-degree coverage of a station’s strongest brand silos – morning, weather and news. It engages viewers across multiple platforms, empowering them to be prepared throughout their day. Optimized for broadcast, mobile, online, and social media, “Ready” pairs three versions each (Always, Morning, Weather) of two memorable original songs combined with relevant video, reflecting the confidence viewers feel by being 100% ready for whatever comes their way.
“Audiences today interact with their favorite local station in so many ways – via their phone, online, and across multiple social media channels,” Chad Cook, Vice President, Creative for Stephen Arnold Music, says. “The diverse messaging of ‘Ready’ creates a comprehensive connection between stations and their audiences, anytime and anywhere.”
Featuring different verse/chorus/bridge lyrics within addictive pop songs, the multiple themes of “Ready” allow stations to evolve their campaign, with staged rollouts of “Morning,” “Weather” and “Always” over months or years. All versions of the song packages include Full Song/60s/30s/15s/10s/IDs, along with full sing, donut, tag and instrumental mixes, plus an instrumental “Severe Weather” theme. Stations can also collaborate with Stephen Arnold Music on custom lyrics for their market.
Following the success of previous integrated campaigns such as “Everywhere I Go” and “Waking Up My Day” from Stephen Arnold Music, “Ready” is oriented from the viewer perspective. The lyrics and imagery focus on feeling fully prepared by their local station for the fast-changing developments of each day. From “Always Ready:” Whatever’s making headlines/Whatever’s going on in the world outside/Yeah ya keep it coming on time/Ya keep me in the know anywhere I gotta go/And as long as you’re within my reach/Yeah ya give me everything I need…/I’m always ready/Anytime anywhere/I’m always ready.”
As the World Leader in Sonic Branding, Stephen Arnold Music has helped define the brand identity for such clients as CNN, Fox, ESPN, AXS TV, CCTV, and local stations in 75% of all US TV markets.
About Stephen Arnold Music:
Often referred to as the most-heard, least-known composers in America, Stephen Arnold Music’s creativity is experienced every day in more than 100 million homes throughout the U.S. Based in Dallas with offices in San Diego and New York, with additional recording studios in Santa Fe, “The World Leader In Sonic Branding™ has more than 20 years of success delivering impactful, brand-defining music that makes a difference for today’s top broadcast networks, cable channels, television stations, film production studios and advertising agencies. With multiple Emmys, Addys and Promax Golds to their credit, Stephen Arnold Music’s specialized approach and commitment to the power of sonic branding, state-of-the-art production and unparalleled customer service is at the core of its promise. Stephen Arnold Music continues to set the creative bar in a highly competitive content landscape.
Web Resources:
Click here for more info about Stephen Arnold Music’s new “Ready campaign:
Click here for more info about Stephen Arnold Music:
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Tim Damon’s Hard-Driving Subaru “Spotlight” Video Wins CINDY Gold Award For Designory

2017-09-21 11:03:49 rpg246

Los Angeles — Director Tim Damon’s recent “Spotlight” video for agency Designory highlighting the all-new 2018 Subaru WRX and STI high performance models just received a Gold CINDY award in the Automotive commercial category. The Cinema in Industry Awards, which began in 1959, has evolved into the premier international audio-visual competition for both linear and interactive media.

Damon is no stranger for shooting and directing branding shorts and other interactive car content. In addition to the award-winning Subaru short, Damon recently completed interactive website content for Honda Civic’s high performance Type R (for agency RPA), collateral images and short film for Honda’s new NSX (agency Les Mains), a social media short to launch Polaris Slingshot (for The Integer Group), a website film for Indian Motorcycles and live social media simulcast for Lexus (both out of Team One).

“For a director, it’s just very satisfying to see your work being used via digital media,” says Damon. “The objective was to show that these two models are the best performing, best handling Subarus ever. Just great to collaborate with the marketing and creative teams from Subaru and Designory.”

Damon’s award-winning short film titled, “Spotlight,” highlights the high performance of the 2018 Subaru WRX and STI. His job was enviable. Take two totally redesigned models out for a spin and push the limits. The shoot consisted of three days, one at the track, one on winding roads and one in dirt. “It was all about the cars,” says Damon. “All the details, headlamps, pedals, wheels, brakes, exhaust, everything that makes driving visceral and exciting. We just got after it, pursuit shots, tire smoke, dust, engine revs, shifting and steering.”

About Tim Damon
Tim Damon is represented for commercials and digital work through Square Planet Media/Damon Productions. For more information contact Kendra Wester at 310-632-4090. For more information on Stage 20 rental, contact John Urso at 310- 632-4090.


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Thrills Ahead: Sherpas Cinema Gears Up for a Monster Season of Winter Sports

2017-09-11 15:04:04 artisanspr

Whistler, British Columbia—Although fall hasn’t officially arrived, many of the world’s best skiers, snowboarders, figure skaters and bobsledders are getting ready for an epic winter sports season that will climax next February when the world converges on Pyeongchang, South Korea. Preparations for a wave of spectacular sports action are also in full swing at the Whistler, British Columbia production offices of Sherpas Cinema. Creators of the classic freeskiing films All.I.Can and Into the Mind, as well as sports-themed ads for Jeep, RAM Trucks, Audi, The North Face and others, the Sherpas (who are represented in the U.S. by Accomplice Media) expect big demand for the unique blend of artistry and technical chops they bring to winter sports filmmaking.

While snow likely won’t begin to fall in U.S. mountains for another two months, wintry environments can be found in late summer and early fall in remote parts of Western Canada. As a result, the region is a favorite training spot for medal-hopeful skiers and snowboarders, notes Sherpas Cinema director Eric Crosland. “Mogul and halfpipe athletes train on the Whistler Glacier in August,” he says. “There are places high up in the Canadian Rockies that get snow in September and October.”

Like the athletes, the Sherpas are intimately familiar with the topography and weather patterns of the Canadian wilderness. As a result, they shift into full production mode in the fall in order to help brands get a jump—often literally—on winter ad campaigns. “We have access to sites that producers from outside the area don’t know about,” explains Crosland. “We get snow-based advertising done in September.”

The Sherpas directed a Jeep campaign for 2017 X-games that featured world-class snow sport athletes and action. Nathan Monteith, Executive Creative Director for the Jeep account at DDB Chicago, says they not only admire the team’s expertise in shooting action, they love the passion they bring to the filmmaking process. “Working with Eric and his team of Sherpas was a breath of fresh air…cold –41 degree fresh air,” Monteith observes. “I don’t think I’ve ever worked with such a tireless team of shooters. It was confirmed that we made the right decision the moment I asked Jeff, the producer, where Eric was and he pointed up the hill at Eric – with camera on his shoulder – skiing down the hill behind a Jeep Wrangler that was plowing through 4-feet of fresh powder at 45 mph. I guess when you have a team with this much talent you can afford to lose a guy?!?! Kidding aside, these guys continued to over-deliver for us on Jeep and problem solved their way around just about any weather condition that was thrown at us, and if you’ve ever shot in the back woods of B.C. you know what I’m talking about.”

Dallas agency The Richards Group has worked with the Sherpas on several campaigns for RAM Trucks. The aptly-named spot High Octane featured skiers, snowboarders, ice climbers and X-Games gold medalist Heath Frisby who performed an epic snowmobile back flip over a RAM truck. “US Navy SEALS are specialists when it comes to the sea, air and land; the same goes for the Sherpas when it comes to sports,” says Creative Director Jimmy Bonner. “The only difference between Sherpas and Seals is what kind of weapons they carry.”

In 2014, The North Face contracted Sherpas Cinema to produce The Rise, a sprawling 13-part web series on the history of freeskiing. “Freeskiing was featured in the games in Sochi for the first time with slopestyle and halfpipe events,” recalls Crosland. “Our series took a documentary approach that looked at the roots of the sport and the personalities who created it.”

Winter sports filmmaking is a specialized field, requiring expansive technical skills and savvy for working in some of the harshest environments on earth. Sherpas productions often include aerial cinematography, drones, car rigs, cranes, time-lapse, slow-motion and macro-photography. Their production team also has loads of logistical experience in getting star athletes and film crews into and out of remote mountain locations.

“Making sure everyone is safe is our priority,” says Crosland. “We also focus on shooting in a time-efficient manner. We understand and respect the restrictions of shooting action sports in the natural world where you’re dealing with big jumps and a lot of gravity.”

The hundreds of athletes who have appeared in Sherpas films and ads include several who competed in Sochi and/or will be on the slopes in Pyeongchang. Among them are Canadian freestyle skier Mike Riddell, Canadian snowboarder Spencer O’Brien, French snowboarder Xavier de la Rue and American snowboarder Kaitlyn Farrington. Crosland says that he and his crew find it easy to connect with athletes because they, too, are passionate skiers and snowboarders.

“We speak the same language and come from the same subculture,” he observes. “It means a lot to the athletes that we understand their sport and what they are trying to achieve. They know that we aren’t going to put them in a position that misrepresents their sport or that jeopardizes their safety or broader goals.”

The rapport the Sherpas have with athletes shows up not only in the spectacular action sequences featured in their films, but also in more intimate scenes. “We capture the human side to these great competitors,” Crosland says. “How they live and what they do when they’re not training. Our knowledge of their sport puts them at ease.”

Sherpas Cinema’s films have earned numerous awards and they have been lauded as the best action sports filmmakers of their kind. The passion and adrenaline that they bring to the screen has also won them repeated assignments from leading advertising agencies. “A lifetime of skiing, climbing, biking and traveling through the mountains has gained our team intimate knowledge and respect for the high country,” says Crosland. “With over 200 days per year spent filming in mountains around the globe, we have ironed out the unique logistical parameters involved in this type of production. From conceptual commercial spots to Himalayan expeditions we are the team for the job.”

For more information about Accomplice Media, visit

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A Common Thread’s Eli Green Extols the Artistry Behind Subway’s Signature Wraps

2017-08-28 15:36:40 artisanspr

LOS ANGELES— A Common Thread director Eli Green pays tribute to the ingenuity of Subway “sandwich artists” in a funny new spot out of Austin, Texas agency Proof Advertising. Titled Breakthrough, the ad centers on a three-person Subway crew who take on the challenge of fitting the meat from a foot-long into a flavored wrap. They experience setback’s and puzzle over diagrams of the underlying physics, but eventually succeed in producing four perfect Signature Wraps.

Green, who directs with tongue-in-cheek charm, says the ad is meant to remind viewers of what distinguishes Subway from other fast-food chains: sandwich artists who prepare each order by hand. “They’re heroes who help make Subway great,” he says.

Green’s “heroes” are right out of an action film with one acting as the leader, another as the brains and a third as the loveably gung-ho sidekick. “We looked for talent that worked well as an ensemble and felt like a team with a little bit of quirkiness,” he says. “We’re getting back to the positive feelings people have for Subway and the people who make their sandwiches.”


Titles:              Problem Solved          

Client:              Subway

Agency:           Proof Advertising, Austin, TX

Production:     A Common Thread. Eli Green, Director. J.P. McMahon and Tristan Drew, Executive Producers.

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A Common Thread’s Eli Green Holds a “Schnitzelbration” for Wienerschnitzel

2017-08-21 11:09:17 artisanspr

LOS ANGELES— In a new ad for Wienerschnitzel, A Common Thread director Eli Green enlists a slightly unhinged German techno band to introduce the brand’s latest offering, Chicken Schnitzel Sandwiches. Conceived by California agency Amusement Park, Schnitzelbration features a group of black-clad musicians strutting their stuff on stage while singing the praises of schnitzel in faux German. The show ends with a back-up singer pumping his fist and exclaiming, “Das awesome!

Although he’s obviously going for laughs, Green directs the scene as if it were a Kraftwerk performance circa 1975. The musicians take themselves very seriously, even when they are joined onstage by Wienerschnitzel’s giant hot dog mascot. “Although the situation is outlandish, it should feel real,” he says. “You want viewers to be wondering, ‘What’s happening here?’ Later, we tip our hat enough to let them know it’s okay to laugh.”

Green credits Amusement Park’s creative team with having the moxie to go with a concept that’s out of left field. “It’s a big idea to convey in 30 seconds; they were taking a creative risk, and it paid off,” he observes. “I seek out projects like this and creative collaborators who are doing things that are interesting, funny and different.”

A second Wienerschnitzel ad, Hot Dogs Across the USA, introduces three specialty hot dogs. It centers on a cross country road trip where a group of millennials in an SUV visits beaches and night spots accompanied by the Wienerschnitzel mascot.

See the spot:


Titles:  Chicken Schnitzel, Hot Dogs from Around the USA   

Client: Wienerschnitzel

Agency:  Amusement Park

Production:  A Common Thread. Eli Green, Director. J.P. McMahon and Tristan Drew, Executive Producers.

Post Production: jumP


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Director Tim Damon Shows Off High Performance Type R

2017-08-10 17:42:00 rpg246

Los Angeles –The Honda Civic is an iconic automobile, known worldwide for its legendary reliability, amazing fuel efficiency and rock solid practicality. Now add wicked performance, laser beam handling and stunning horsepower to the list, courtesy of the new Honda Type R. Director Tim Damon recently traveled to Honda’a Proving Ground to capture the Type R In action for agency RPA. Damon’s stills and footage are being used on the car’s dedicated website, to help prospective buyers build the Honda Type R of their dreams.

“We let the car speak for itself,” says Damon. “Fans of Honda have probably wondered what it would be like for the Civic to be powered by a more robust engine, six speed shift and guided by an advanced race suspension. Now you can find out.” In the stills and web video treatment, a pair of Type Rs play cat and mouse from sun up to sunset. The weather varies from sunny to showers, but the aggressive track play never lets up. “There’s only one way to show off performance,” says Damon. We put our best precision drivers in the cars and let her rip.”

Beauty and Performance

According to Damon, the shot lists for the project were as ambitious as the Type R’s features. “It’s about beauty and performance,” adds Damon, whose team turned Honda’s Proving Ground in Cantil, California into a race track by laying down rumble strips, reflective striping, cones, signage and barriers. Toolboxes, lines, air hoses, fuel jugs and fire extinguishers gave the grounds a pit. “We show off performance from the outside in,” says Damon. “20 inch wheels, high performance tires, spinning Brembo brakes, powerful exhaust, rear vortex generator, spoilers and suspension in action. Inside, we highlight the six speed manual shift, high rev-lines and ergonomic seating. The footage screams performance.”

About Tim Damon

Tim Damon is represented for commercials and digital work through Square Planet Media/Damon Productions. For more information contact Kendra Wester at 310-632-4090. For more information on Stage 20 rental, contact John Urso at 310- 632-4090.

CLIENT:                                   Honda

Agency:                                    RPA Advertising

Kelly Fitzpatrick               Associate Creative Director
Shea Gauer                             Senior Art Director
Clarissa Garrett                 Senior Art Producer
Brian Donnelly                   Freelance Broadcast Producer
Kaelin McGill                        Account Supervisor

Production Co:                   Damon Productions

Tim Damon                           Photographer/Director
Kendra Wester                   Executive Producer
John Urso                               Comptroller

Editorial:                                Bo’s House of Visual Arts
Eddie Granado                    Post Production Supervisor

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Directing Duo Jacob/Slade Joins A Common Thread

2017-08-02 12:12:01 artisanspr

LOS ANGELES—Continuing to add unique talent to its roster, A Common Thread has signed the directing team of Enno Jacobsen and Kristina Slade, who work as Jacob/Slade, for exclusive representation in the United States. Known for their ability to tell stories with charm and humor, the pair have directed spots for such brands as Target, Mitsubishi and the Kansas Lottery. In their first outing for A Common Thread, Jacob/Slade has directed two spots for Ford and GTB promoting Ford Truck Month.

“Enno and Kristina bring style, imagination and passion to every project,” says A Common Thread Executive Producer J.P. McMahon. “We’ve admired them, and their work for a long time and are excited to have the opportunity to work with them as they continue to flourish and grow.”


Jacobsen, who is originally from Germany, has been directing commercials for 14 years and has executed award-winning campaigns for Volkswagen, Target, Toyota and others. Slade has a background as an agency creative, including stints at Ground Zero, TBWAChiatDay and AKQA. She has earned numerous accolades for her work, including Cannes Lions, D&AD, One Show and Belding awards.

The pair have been working as Jacob/Slade since 2013. Their work together benefits from Jacobsen’s skills as a filmmaker and storyteller, Slade’s experience as a creative thinker and brand strategist, and the fluid collaboration that has developed between them. “We’re excited by storytelling,” notes Slade, “and we like the challenge of telling stories in a short period of time that both meet an advertising agenda and impact people, especially when we can do it with a smile and a wink.”

Jacob/Slade’s new Ford work involves elaborate daydreams as visitors to a Ford dealership lay their hand on a new truck and immediately imagine themselves carrying out adventurous deeds. While the concept presented excellent storytelling potential, it also involved a complex production with four days of shooting across nearly a dozen locations, intricate off-roading sequences, set builds, and creating inclement weather.

For such complex projects, it can be a real benefit to have two directors, observes Jacobsen. It allowed them to manage a myriad of details and keep the production on track, without losing the ability to experiment and explore. “We want to be sure we retain the spontaneity of inspiration,” he explains. “When we come to set we’ve thought everything through and are fully prepared, and that frees us to look for the opportunities for magic.”

Regarding their decision to join A Common Thread, Slade says that she and Jacobsen feel a kinship with Executive Producers J.P. McMahon and Tristan Drew. “J.P. and Tristan are hands-on producers, who invest themselves into their company and their projects,” she observes. “That struck us because we have that same commitment. We want to work with people who share our passion and values, and whom we can trust.”

Jacobsen adds that their experience on Ford confirmed that they made the right choice. “J.P and Tristan are very detailed, and yet they trusted us to do what we do,” he insists. “It’s the start of a very good partnership.”

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Ky Dickens Captures the Love Between Dogs and Their Owners in Beneful Campaign

2017-07-31 16:32:11 artisanspr

CHICAGO—STORY’s Ky Dickens has directed a new campaign for Nestlé Purina’s Beneful where real dog owners—and real dogs—discuss what they love about the healthy, “grain-free” dog food. Conceived by Deep Focus, New York and Lapiz, Chicago, the three spots show dogs and their owners playing in verdant outdoor settings. The owners talk about the importance of good nutrition to their pets’ health. The dogs describe their ardor for the “farm-raised chicken” featured in the product. “That’s my number one thing to eat,” says a border collie named Charlie.

All of the human-canine pairs featured in the spots are actual dog owners and their pets. Dickens found them through a general casting call in Austin, Texas, where the commercials were shot. “We were looking for people who are active and health conscious,” she explains. “These are people who take their dogs hiking in the mountains and swimming in local lakes.”

During the shoot, Dickens encouraged the owners to play with their dogs as they would naturally, and she also conducted off-the-cuff interviews. “You could tell immediately if there was chemistry between the dog and the owner,” she recalls. “There are things you do with your dog when you really love her, sweet things, and I wanted to be sure to capture those moments.”

STORY is represented on the East Coast by Ilene Silberman (212) 794-9030; in the Midwest by Amy McIntyre (312) 550-2554, in the Southeast by Miller + Associates, (954) 563-6004; in the Southwest by Gossip!, (214) 288-2813 and on the West Coast by Yvette Lubinsky, (310) 827-2626.

For more information, visit


Titles:                   Campsite, Garden, Overlook

Client:                  Nestlé Purina

Brand:                  Beneful

Agency:               Deep Focus, New York. Kristen King, Group Account Director; Margaux LeBuffe, Account Supervisor; Hillary Fabian, Creative Director; Megan Schulist, Associate Creative Director; Andrew Vuilleumier, Copywriter; Melissa Brown, Producer

Agency:               Lapiz, Chicago. Viviana Paredes, Account Supervisor; Lucille Gratacos, Account Director; Maria Bernal, VP, Creative Director; Javier Valle, Associate Creative Director; Kevin James, Senior Producer; Danielle Linn, Production Business Manager; Mike Hurley, Talent Manager.

Production:        STORY. Ky Dickens, Director; Mark Androw; President/Executive Producer; Cliff Grant, Executive Producer; Cathleen Sutherland, Producer.

See the spots:

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Blonde + Co Helps ARM & HAMMER Step Into The Comfort With New Campaign For Brand’s New Foot Care Line

2017-07-27 21:57:16 ccwire-staff

NEW YORK, NY – Looking for an inventive creative approach to raise awareness for its new line of foot care products featuring its new sweat-activated Fresh Guard® technology – Premier, the makers of ARM & HAMMER™ Foot Care* – turned to Blonde + Co, the award-winning creative agency/content production studio led by company Founder and CEO Julie Stahl, to create a new 3-spot campaign for the consumer products giant’s new line of foot powders, insoles and shoe refreshers. The ads broke in mid-July.

Cueva Andrea, Blonde + Co’s Associate Creative Director explained that ARM & HAMMER™ Foot Care came to them to create a Summer campaign highlighting their new foot care products, leveraging the technology and the trusted ARM & HAMMER™ brand name as a way to standout from their competitors in the category.

“We wanted to have a little fun with these,” Andrea explained. “So many ads in this category take themselves very seriously. We wanted these to be a bit more playful and bring foot care down to a more human level. Summertime means a lot embarrassing smelly feet and because smelly feet makes people, and those around you, uncomfortable the point of the campaign centered on making people feel good about themselves starting by their feet. We decided to connect with the target audience with humor.”

Consisting of 3 :15 second spots, the campaign is largely driven by the copy, the voiceover and the edit. Set to an upbeat soundtrack, each spot, while slightly different in focus (one is more about Summer feet; another a play off the word “funky” featuring a montage of dance sequences; and the third focuses on the humor, comparing smelly feet to skunks) features a quick-cut montage of feet in action.

The light-hearted copy and voiceover play off the images, while also driving home the breakthrough that is their sweat activated Fresh Guard® technology. Each spot ends with the tagline “Step into the comfort zone and feel the freshness.” The end result is an ad that keeps viewers’ engaged throughout.

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Blonde + Co team on this campaign,” Rachel Mignano of ARM & HAMMER™ Foot Care Marketing, says. “Their steadfast dedication, modern approach and collaborative creative environment has been essential in evolving our brand voice, while staying true to A&H’s heritage.”


Victor Larue, Blonde + Co Account Director adds, “We wanted to play with the language and make it memorable. We needed to connect in an engaging way and communicate that ARM & HAMMER™ is a brand consumers trust, and this new line of foot care products features this effective technology. It was a lot to get across but our strengths as storytellers helped with that.”

Andrea notes, “ARM & HAMMER™ Foot Care came to us expecting a typical ad and what we delivered was fresh, more human approach. We didn’t want this to feel like the usual consumer product ad, but rather we wanted to imbue it with a bit more life and humor, because when you think about it your feet support your entire body.”

Arm & Hammer, the Arm & Hammer logo and distinctive orange trade dress are trademarks of Church & Dwight Co., Inc. and are used under license by Premier Brands of America Inc.

About Blonde + Co
Award-winning New York based Creative Content House, Blonde + Co creates content that entertains, educates, inspires and incites changes in behavior. Blonde +Co partners with brands and organizations that share a common goal: to help make our world more beautiful. For more information visit

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Calabash Partners With Design Studio Group Chicago On PSA Rude2Respect Initiative To Prevent Heath Care-Related Stigma

2017-07-13 12:56:38 ccwire-staff

CHICAGO, IL — Health stigma hurts. That’s the simple yet powerful message delivered in the animated PSA for The Simon Foundation entitled “Rude2Respect,” animated by Calabash, in conjunction with the creative design studio Group Chicago. The video can be seen on YouTube, as well as at, affiliated social media channels and as part of various educational and marketing initiatives as the campaign evolves.

“We had seen Calabash’s work and sought them out,” Barbara Lynk, Group Chicago’s Creative Director, said. “We were impressed with how well their creative team immediately understood the characters and their visual potential. Creatively they brought a depth of experience on the conceptual and production side that helped bring the characters to life. They also understood the spare visual approach we were trying to achieve. It was a wonderful creative collaboration throughout the process, and they are a really fun group of creatives to work with.”

Meet Blue And Pink:
Opening with typography of their simple mission statement: “Challenging Health Stigma,” the PSA fades in to a warm yellow-hued wide shot from which the scene languidly emerges. It’s a warm, sunny day as two friends — a short, teal-colored tear-dropped blob known simply as Blue and his slender companion “Pink” — walk toward the camera. Blue nervously says, “I’m not sure about this,” to which Pink responds encouragingly, “You can’t stay home forever.”

From there the two embark on what seems like a simple stroll to get ice cream, but underlying that is a deeper message about how such common events can be fraught with anxiety for those suffering from an array of health conditions that often results in awkward stares, well-intentioned but inappropriate comments, or downright rude behavior. Blue and Pink confront all of these in the form of unseen, aggressive skateboarders; and a woman that means well but is definitely not helping, but they stick together and rise above the insults. The spot ends with the simple words “Health stigma hurts. We can change lives” followed by a link to

Based on illustrated characters created by Group Chicago’s Founder/Creative Director Kurt Meinecke, Calabash Creative Director Wayne Brejcha notes that early on in the creative process they decided to go with what he called a 2 and-a-half D look.

“There is a charm in the simplicity of Kurt’s original illustrations with the flat shapes that we had to try very hard to keep as we translated Blue and Pink to the 3D world,” Brejcha says. “We also didn’t want to overly complicate it with a lot of crazy camera moves roller-coastering through the space or rotating around the characters. We constrained it to feel a little like two-and-a- half dimensions – 2D characters, but with the lighting and textures and additional physical feel you expect with 3D animation.”

Finding The Pace:
For Sean Henry, Calabash’s Executive Producer, the primary creative obstacles centered on finding the right pacing for the story.

“We played with the timing of the edits all the way through production,” Henry explains. “The pace of it had a large role to play in the mood, which is more thoughtful than your usual rapid-fire ad. Also, finding the right emotions for the voices was also a major concern, we needed warmth and a friendly mentoring feel for Pink, and a feisty, insecure but likeable voice for Blue. Our voice talent (Rich Parenti as “Blue” and Alex Hall as “Pink”) nailed those qualities. Additionally, the dramatic events in the spot happen only in the audio with Pink and Blue responding to off-screen voices and action, so the sound design and music had a major story-telling role to play as well.”

Brejcha adds, “I hope we see more of Blue and Pink. The campaign has such a worthy purpose, and the characters have potential for many more episodes and insights. The issue of health stigma is a universal one. Abstractions are more universal than specific, and the style represents every environment, every city, and every person stigmatized by the way in which some health difficulty has affected his or her appearance.”

About Calabash Animation
Led by Creative Director Wayne Brejcha and Executive Producer Sean Henry, Calabash Animation is the Chicago, IL-based animation production studio known for its award-winning animation for the advertising and entertainment industries. Calabash Animation is perhaps best known for their creative character animation and development of some of America’s most beloved brand icons. In addition to it advertising working, the company has also produced several acclaimed short films, including ‘’Stubble Trouble,’’ which was nominated for an Academy Award in 2002.


Web Resources:
Click here to see “Rude2Respect”:

Click here for more info about Calabash:


Click here for more info about Group Chicago:

For more info about the Rude2Respect initiative:


Creative Credits:
Client: The Simon Foundation
Project: “Rude2Respect”

Agency/Design: Group Chicago, Chicago, IL
Founder/Creative Director Kurt Meinecke
Creative Director: Barbara Lynk,

Animation: Calabash, Chicago, IL
Creative Director: Wayne Brejcha
Executive Producer: Sean Henry

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Tim Damon Goes Rogue For Nissan

2017-07-12 15:41:25 rpg246

Los Angeles – Director Tim Damon recently went Rogue, as in Nissan Rogue Sport, in five short films highlighting the SUV’s tech/lifestyle amenities for agency Designory.

Tech Emphasis

Each of the five short films emphasizes the SUV’s tech and lifestyle features, with a focus on safety. “It’s about safety, security and flexibility,” says Damon. “Advertising for passenger vehicles has shifted over to tech and conveniences that work. Sensors and cameras look ahead, behind and all around you. We’re experiencing a golden age of tech as applied to cars.” In the past year, Damon has directed spots and short films highlighting tech features for many brands, including Lexus, Infiniti, Subaru, Lincoln and Cadillac.

Going Rogue

Each minute plus short focuses on special Rogue Sport virtues, beginning with a film that emphasizes tech that connects. The story begins with driver and friend finding out that their favorite band (fictional group THE PRINDLES) are playing in town. Thanks to the Rogue Sport’s Bluetooth connect technology, the duo make short work of securing tickets and dinner while enroute to the venue.

The Sport Of It

The Rogue Sport has a lot of amazing amenities, something Nissan wanted to highlight and demonstrate. “Some features are simple, such as a configurable cargo area and cup holders,” says Damon. “Other technologies are more complex and require visual demonstration.” Damon was referring to the Rogue Sport’s Sports Steering, Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, Active Ride control and other advanced “stay-safe” features explained in each film.

About Tim Damon

Tim Damon is represented for commercials and digital work through Square Planet Media/Damon Productions. For more information contact Kendra Wester at 310-632-4090. For more information on Stage 20 rental, contact John Urso at 310- 632-4090.


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The Famous Group Signs Director Elizabeth Orne

2017-07-10 16:59:34 rpg246

Culver City, California – Director Elizabeth Orne has signed with bi-coastal The Famous Group for spots and branded content. Her reel includes spots for French’s, iROBOT and Coors. She is probably best known for her highly lauded short film titled, “Crazy Glue,” which put her in SHOOT magazine’s Director Showcase. Orne has already wrapped her first project at The Famous Group, a spot for Hasbro out of agency TOWNHOUSE.

Tall Tales

“Elizabeth (Orne) is about telling stories, including all the subtle detail,” says Famous Group Managing Director David Kwan. “Her spots entertain in a charming and effortless way.” For her part, Orne has spent the last several years continuing to build her reel while looking for the right production company. The Famous Group and Kwan fit the bill. “Talking to David (Kwan), I found him to be very intelligent and strategic. I just wrapped my first spot here, for Hasbro. The project was pretty straightforward, it was about getting honest emotional performances from kids.”

Love Story

Orne’s life began with a love for storytelling and filmmaking. At age five, she was already directing, casting cousins for plays performed in her basement. Orne quickly ascertained that her life’s niche lie in entertaining audiences. “I love storytelling, it’s very intimate,” she says. A Masters in Film from NYU resulted after studying Art History and working contemporary galleries in London, New York and Los Angeles.

Fast Start

Her NYU thesis film titled, “Crazy Glue” received rave reviews and was named an official selection at the Telluride Film Festival. The film, based on a short story from Etgar Keret, tells the story of a couple going through a rocky time in their relationship, literally re-bonding in the end with the help of Crazy Glue. “I saw it as a metaphor for attachment in a romantic relationship,” says Orne. “But it had a Rorschach effect on audiences, some people see the ending as romantic, some see it as sociopathic. I picked that story to direct because I love magical realism, dry character based comedy and absurdity.”

Clean The Roomba

Orne’s thoughts on magical realism are illustrated in an ad she directed for iROBOT vacuum cleaners. In the spot titled, “Princess,” the camera pans up on an adorable little girl loving the attributes of both glue and glitter. She proudly shows off her newly created masterpiece for the camera, creating a spill only the iRobot could thoroughly clean up in a single pass.

About The Famous Group:

The Famous Group is a Cannes, Emmy, ONE Show and AICP award-winning production company located in downtown Culver City, Ca and Soho, New York. Founded in 2006, the company’s roster of highly-skilled directors, creatives, producers, editors and artists produce an incredible array of high-quality, engaging, live action, digital, graphics and experiential content.

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The Colonie Editor Bob Ackerman Teams With We Are Unlimited For McDonald’s Humorous Spot, ‘I Got This’

2017-06-28 10:05:27 sj-golden

Chicago, IL  – We Are Unlimited teamed up with creative editor Bob Ackerman at The Colonie for McDonald’s new spot, ‘I Got This,’ introducing its new ‘One For You. One For Free’ Daily Deal Menu. Directed by Brig White out of Tool of NA/LA, the campaign’s off-kilter humor is heightened by improvised exchanges between the actors playing the two featured characters.

The commercial opens with the two friends at the McDonald’s counter making quizzical noises as they peruse the menu board. Ackerman used this unscripted moment to open the spot in a unique way that grabs the viewers’ attention.

“After Brig delivered the footage, I only had two days to edit before presenting a rough cut to the client,” says Ackerman. “Even though we were on a tight deadline, there were so many great improvisational moments that I couldn’t help myself. I ended up cutting nine different versions – each built around a different gag in the open and the body of the spot. Providing the agency’s team with so many options made it easier for us to hit the ground running.”

This job was The Colonie’s first opportunity to work with We Are Unlimited, the new ad agency created by the holding company, Omnicom Group, to work exclusively on the McDonald’s account.

“The creative team at the new agency is fantastic,” says Ackerman. “Creative director Tim
Souers, and associate CDs Caroline Holyk and Jonathan Pliego came to us with a great concept and ready to dig in.  Sometimes, during the editing process, you have to let go of those special moments that worked so well on the set and go with what works best on film. The whole team was a quick read when it came to taking advantage of happy accidents that elevated the story. It’s a great experience when the creative group not only excels at what they do, but also are a pleasure to work with.”

The VFX department at The Colonie nailed a difficult track of the menu board through a rack focus with the employee in the foreground.  VFX supervisor Tom Dernulc created a defined border around the menu to give it a more realistic feel. Also, for continuity, he removed a girl that popped in and out of the background.

“I’m always looking for ways to contribute to a project that goes beyond what’s expected, “says Dernulc, “If I see even the smallest detail that may enhance the impact of a visual story, then I address it.  Otherwise, I’d have to curse under my breath every time I see the spot on TV.”

The scenario ends with one friend telling the other, “I got yours buddy,’ leaving his pal befuddled –  since the second meal is free. The spot closes with graphics displaying the various of Daily Deals that McDonald’s offers each day of the week

The broadcast and online campaign was cut on The Colonie’s Avid Media Composer and finished on Flame Premium.The spot was shot on ARRI Alexa Mini cameras at the McDonald’s Production Center in City of Industry, CA.

About The Colonie: The Colonie is an award-winning Chicago-based creative editorial, motion design, visual FX and finishing boutique with a seamless full-service approach to creating spots and cross-platform content that engage, entertain, inform and move audiences.  A wide range of national and global clients, such as Nintendo, Google, McDonald’s, PepsiCo and Bayer, call upon its collaborative team of talent to deliver compelling creative content that elevates the viewer’s experience and connects them to brands. For more information about The Colonie and its services, visit, contact executive producer, Mary Caddy at 312-225-1234, or Sonia Reps,, 312.519.0911.

CREDITS:                                                                                                                                                 CLIENT: McDonald’s                                                                                                                                TITLE: “I Got This”                                                                                                                              LENGTH:  :30, :15                                                                                                                                       TYPE: Commercial –  Broadcast + On-Line                                                                                            LINK TO SPOT:

AGENCY: We Are Unlimited / Chicago                                                                                             Executive Producer/Chief Production Officer:  Jon Ellis                                                         Producer: Craig Wagner (Freelance)                                                                                                           CD: Tim Souers                                                                                                                                    Copywriter: Carolyn Holyk                                                                                                                             Art Director: Tim Pliego

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Tool of North America/ LA                                                               Director:  Brig White                                                                                                                                        DP: J. Gurnari                                                                                                                                        Producer: Wade Brandenberger

EDITORIAL COMPANY: The Colonie / Chicago                                                                                    Creative Editor: Bob Ackerman                                                                                                            Assistant Editor: Graham Chapman                                                                                                 Finishing: Tom Dernulc                                                                                                                       Executive Producer: Mary Caddy

VISUAL FX/DESIGN COMPANY: The Colonie / Chicago                                                                    VFX Artist: Tom Dernulc

COLOR CORRECTION COMPANY: Filmworkers Club /Chicago                                               Colorist: Fred Keller


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A Common Thread’s Sheldon Candis Brings “Docu-Cinematic” Style to Honda’s “Greatness”

2017-06-22 08:00:38 artisanspr

LOS ANGELES—A Common Thread director, Sheldon Candis, profiles the “greatness” of Chicago entrepreneurs, Autumn and Brian Merritt, in a new national campaign for Honda.

The uplifting piece describes how the couple channeled their personal passion into their boutique fashion line, Sir & Madame, and now are giving back by mentoring young artists and designers. The story is wrapped around scenes of the Merritts driving a Civic through their historic Hyde Park neighborhood and past familiar Chicago landmarks. “For us, greatness is about loving what you do,” says Autumn, “and taking risks to do what you love.”

Candis directs the campaign with a light touch and a discerning eye that brings out the personalities of his subjects. The Merritts are likeable and real. The car is integrated into the story in the best way possible, naturally. “Honda wanted a real-life experience,” the director notes. “They wanted to tell the story of an exceptional family who are the embodiment of the American Dream.”

While Candis assumes a documentary approach, he applies a unique and inventive visual style combined with a sense of fun that lifts the campaign above simple slice-of-life representation. He calls the results “cinematic-documentary.” “I pair real emotions with cinematic influences,” he explains. “I wanted this piece to feel cinematic and stylish, while capturing the genuine emotion of the human condition. My ultimate goal is to bring visceral emotion to advertising… What you feel in my films… What you feel in my documentaries…”

Candis rose to notoriety when his debut feature LUV premiered to glowing reviews at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival (where it was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize). A coming-of-age drama about a boy growing up in an atmosphere of gun violence, LUV has been followed by a string of impressive episodic television and documentary projects, all centered on deeply personal and emotional storytelling. “I’m fortunate that my work in advertising has allowed me to continue to do what I love,” Candis says. “I’m a storyteller.”


Titles:              Greatness

Client:              American Honda Motor Co.

Agency:           Muse, Culver City, Ca. Jo Muse, Chief Creative Officer; Shelley Yamane, President; Michael James McCallum, V.P./Creative Director; Will Campbell, President/Quantasy; Vanessa MacAdam, Executive Producer.

Production:     A Common Thread. Sheldon Candis, Director. J.P. McMahon and Tristan Drew, Executive Producers; Leornardo Veras, Line Producer; Michelle Tocase, Production Manager; Michael Fitzmaurice, Director of Photography.

Editorial:         Muse Studios.

See the spot:


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PICROW’s The Hall Directs Fund-Raising Film For Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles

2017-06-14 08:11:19 rpg246

Los Angeles, CA — PICROW, the Hollywood headquarters television and commercial production company, recently completed a short documentary for the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles. Premiering at the EFGLA’s annual Care & Cure fundraiser at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, the film was the latest in a series of epilepsy documentaries directed by The Hall. The Hall has been directing the short documentaries for six straight years. The film can be seen here.

Care & Cure 2017
For this year’s film, The Hall worked again with EFGLA Project Coordinator and Producer Nathan Jones, chronicling two families with young children stricken with epilepsy. Through the tireless efforts of devoted doctors, epilepsy experts and hospital staff, two different solutions helped stopped the seizures; one through diet, one through drugs. “There are countless stories we hear each year,” says The Hall. “each story is emotional and very real to these epilepsy patients. It’s some of the most rewarding work we do, telling these amazing stories in a way that inspires others to join the fight.”

The Fight
In this year’s film, a young girl named Gracie was opening her gifts on Christmas morning when she suffered her first seizure. For one-year old Annabelle, her parents noticed tremors in her arm, followed by a 10-15 second seizure. Thanks to expert help received at Children’s Hospital Of Los Angeles and the University of California at San Francisco, both children are now seizure free. Gracie had genetic testing done after standard medications failed, revealing a glucose transporter defect that caused her seizures. After starting a strict low-carb diet called the Ketogenic Diet, Gracie’s seizures were gone within days. For little Annabelle, videos taken by her parents and further testing allowed doctors to prescribe medication that stopped her seizures within hours.

The Big Challenge
Over the past decade, the EFGLA’s Care & Cure fundraiser has raised millions of dollars that have gone directly towards training pediatric Epileptology fellows in Southern California. The impact of training more specialized doctors has been tangible, decreasing wait times for families around Southern California. According to Jones, there’s a worldwide shortage of epileptologists, causing patients sometimes to wait months to see a specialist. “There needs to be more happy endings, more early diagnosis and better care for people with epilepsy,” he says. It is estimated that 10 percent of the population will suffer a seizure at some point in their lives.

Pictures in a Row (PICROW) is a combination studio, production house, and post house — a new hybrid. Equipped with distinguished directors, full time development and production staff, digital talent, and post facilities for commercials, film and television. The company is headquartered at 736 Seward St., Hollywood, CA 90038. For more information go to

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Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Taps Blonde + Co For A New Campaign

2017-06-01 10:05:05 ccwire-staff

NEW YORK, NY — Blonde + Co, the award-winning creative agency/content production studio led by company Founder and CEO Julie Stahl, was tapped by Palmer’s Cocoa Butter to create a spot that reinforces Palmer’s heritage as the number one cocoa butter brand, as well as educate the benefits of cocoa to a new generation of users.

The client came to Blonde with a brief to create a spot designed to increase Palmer’s Cocoa Butter awareness. “After collaborating with them on getting the messaging, we pitched a concept and Palmer’s immediately loved it and wanted to move forward quickly,” Victor Larue, Blonde + Co Account Director says. “What helped make it possible was to have all the right talents at Blonde + Co, from the creative team, to our production studios, as well as our editorial and post capabilities.”

Set to a pulsating techno soundtrack, “Dance” takes a unique approach depicting a group of dancers performing in front of a series of graphics that describe Palmer’s Cocoa Butter key benefits such as “heals,” “softens” and “hydrates.” At different points in the ad the dancers are shown in split-screen with key ingredients such as cocoa beans, cocoa butter and the packaging itself mirroring the dancer’s movement. The spot ends with the Palmer’s logo and the tagline “the nature of you.”

“Our skin is the most tactile part of our bodies; it covers and surrounds our entire self and holds us together,” Blonde Associate Creative Director Andrea Cueva, who also directed the ad, says. “We wanted to express that healthy, glowing skin makes you look and feel confident. The objective was to connect on a more emotional, human level between the Palmer’s and the consumer.”

As a former professional dancer, Cueva notes that after applying the product on the set, she directed the dancers to improvise, expressing their emotions through movement.

“Dance is a very emotional art form and it was important to focus on the feelings we wanted to evoke,” Cueva says. “I explained to them that I was looking for a more abstract, human approach, less technical. In the end, each dancer expressed those emotions in their own way, which gave us a lot of footage to work with. Claudio Rietti, our Director of Photography, was able to to match the movement of the dancers with fluid camera movements that brought you into their world.”

Dalia Levi, Palmer’s Director of Digital Marketing, adds, “We love the creative energy and passion that Blonde brings to the table and how they beautifully bring concepts to life. The spot hit on what we wanted to communicate — Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is a trusted brand that gives you healthy, sexy skin that makes you feel confident from inside out.”

Web Resources:
Click here to see Palmer’s “Dance”
Click here for more info about Blonde + Co
Click here for more info about Palmer’s

About Blonde + Co
Award-winning New York based Creative Content House, Blonde + Co creates content that entertains, educates, inspires and incites changes in behavior. Blonde +Co partners with brands and organizations that share a common goal: to help make our world more beautiful. For more information visit

About Palmers
Founded more than 175 years ago as one of America’s first skin care companies, E.T. Browne Drug Co., Inc. is a leader in treatment-oriented beauty products with its trusted Palmer’s® brand. The name Palmer’s® is synonymous with high-quality natural skin and hair care product lines including Cocoa Butter Formula, Shea Formula, Skin Success, Olive Oil Formula, Coconut Oil Formula and Eventone

Creative Credits:
Client: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter
Project: “Dance”

Agency/Production/Post: Blonde + Co
Creative Director: Grey Zisser
Associate Creative Director: Cueva Andrea
Director: Cueva Andrea
Cinematographer: Claudio Rietti
Producer: Victor Larue
DIT/ AC/ Editor: Glenn Chocky
Make Up Artist: Carmindy
Hair: JP Ramirez
Co-Producers: Jennifer Susswein Jeter, Amanda Greenhagen
Production Coordinator: Natalie Gee
PA: Eric Bellomo

Music: “On The Inside” (licensed track)
Composer: Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Publisher: Audio Network Limited

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Director Tim Damon Takes Subaru For A Spin

2017-05-19 11:18:05 rpg246

Los Angeles – Sometimes the best way to show off a car is to drive it. Hard, through the curves and around in the dirt. That’s exactly what Director Tim Damon was tasked with for a short film titled, “Spotlight,” highlighting the all-new 2018 Subaru WRX and STI models for agency Designory.

Performance. Cars.
Director Tim Damon’s job was enviable. Take two totally redesigned Subaru WRX models out for a spin and push the limits. The shoot consisted of three days, one at the track, one on winding roads and one in dirt. “It was all about the cars,” says Damon. “All the details, headlamps, pedals, wheels, brakes, exhaust, everything that makes driving visceral and exciting. We just got after it, pursuit shots, tire smoke, dust, engine revs, shifting and steering. The objective was to show that these two models are the best performing, best handling Subarus ever. Just great to collaborate with the team from Subaru and Designory.”

Location, Location, Location.
Arizona proved the perfect proving ground to shoot the new models. “They had the track and every type of road configuration,” says Damon. “It made for a very efficient shoot with consistent light.” In “Spotlight”, the new Subarus emerge as detail are intercut with drone-captured wide shots. Wheels, brakes and driver’s heads spin with each red line of the tachometer as features are demonstrated. The STI model features a 305 horsepower turbocharged engine, 6-piston Brembo brakes, Recaro seats and driver-activated center differential. “Both feature symmetrical all-wheel drive,” adds Damon. “Car spots are increasingly about showing off the technology and performance features, from sports mode suspensions and swiveling headlamps to push-button start.”

On Two Wheels
Some of the more dynamic shots were the result of utilizing one of Damon’s favorite tools, the Russian 7 camera arm and Apex flight head from Filmotechnic USA. “The Russian arm and latest generation flight head 7 are the gold standard,” says Damon. “They allow for the best control and maneuverability. It’s the best for capturing dynamic high speed car performance from angles thought impossible a few years ago.”

About Tim Damon

Tim Damon is represented for commercials and digital work through Square Planet Media/Damon Productions. For more information contact Kendra Wester at 310-632-4090. For more information on Stage 20 rental, contact John Urso at 310- 632-4090.


Client:                                                 Subaru

Agency:                                   Designory

Steve Davis                            Group Creative Director

Scott Izuhara                         Creative Director

Louis Minette                         Sr. Product Specialist

Jeremy Gordic                        Engagement Manager

Stavo Alvarez                         Jr. Designer

Patti O’Halloran                     Director, Creative Content Production

Production Co.:                      Damon Productions

Tim Damon                            Director/Owner

Kendra Wester                      Executive Producer

John Urso                               Comptroller

Editorial                                 Digital Giant

Dallas Carroll                         Executive Producer

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Sherpas Cinema Takes Audi into Undiscovered Country with “Hokkaido Calling”

2017-05-17 14:21:23 artisanspr

Los Angeles— Hokkaido Calling, a new short film created by Sherpas Cinema (represented in the Accomplice Media) for Audi, follows big mountain ski legends Sam Smoothy, Jérémie Heitz and Dane Tudor on an epic road trip in search of deep powder, undiscovered paths and the chance to stand where no one has stood before.

Directed by Sherpas Cinema’s Leo Hoorn, the 8-minute film is filled with breathtaking skiing as the trio of freeriders spend two weeks touring the rugged mountains of Japan’s northern island in an Audi Quattro. Smoothy, Heitz and Tudor soar down steep volcanos, slalom through untouched forests and relax in wooden baths called onsen. Ultimately, their journey leads them to a towering hydroelectric dam whose dizzyingly sheer side is crisscrossed with snow covered concrete barriers. In the film’s climax, they dive down the pyramid-like structure in a wild, buckling ride.

“The guys set off in search of the deepest snow,” says Hoorn. “And they end with the realization that every footprint is unique. Your perspective changes when you travel to new places, meet new people and have new experiences.”

Hoorn, who also served as cinematographer, worked with minimal gear and crew. The production itinerary was also kept loose to maintain spontaneity and a spirit of adventure. “We worked with a local guide, but once we were on the ground, we were chasing the weather and looking for the best snow,” Hoorn recalls. “One of my favorite sites was a hot spring resort high in the mountains where local farmers go for a weekend retreat. You could ski right up to the door.”

The hydroelectric dam featured in the film’s concluding sequence was also a lucky discovery. The towering dam’s steep side had never been skied before, providing a perfect opportunity for the three athletes to test their mettle in virgin snow.

“We captured amazing images of the three guys skiing through deep powder,” Hoorn recalls. “They look like they are floating down a mountain of big fluffy pillows with clouds billowing around them. It was incredible.”

Post production for the film was completed at Sherpas Cinemas’ production facility in British Columbia. Hoorn, Dave Mossop and Tim Symes shared editing credit.

Sherpas Cinema has garnered worldwide acclaim for their adventure films Into the Mind and All.I.Can as well as adrenalin-pounding television spots for Audi, RAM, Jeep and Mitsubishi produced via Accomplice Media.


Hokkaido Calling can be viewed at

For more information about Accomplice Media, visit

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Director Tim Damon Urges Acura ILX Lovers to CALL ME

2017-05-09 12:37:00 rpg246

Los Angeles — Director Tim Damon recently used his car stage to highlight the desirability to lease the new Acura ILX in a seven-spot campaign for agency MullenLowe – Los Angeles.

Dealers Standing By

In each spot in the campaign titled, “Call Me,” a seductive voice flirts with viewers, then asks them to call a 1-844-THRILL number for special lease deals on the new Acura ILX. “The creative is clever and unique,” says Damon. “We gave each spot a nightclub-like vibe. It was great to work again with the creative team from MullenLowe.”

Come Closer

Two of the spots, titled, “Jewel Eyes and “Doors Open,” highlight the sensibilities of the entire campaign. In “Jewel Eyes,” the spot opens facing the ILX. The gunmetal colored car turns into a blaze of headlights as the voiceover plays, “Look deep into my eyes, but not too, too deep, you might go blind.” In “Doors Open,” an ILX spins slowly with door wide open while the voiceover teases the viewer to “slip into something a little more comfortable.”

Stage 20/Proprietary Lighting

For the campaign, Damon employed an ILX finished in modern steel metallic paint, perfect to reflect the colored lights. Custom LED lighting rigs from Damon’s toolbox at stage20 gave each car the proper flirtatious vibe. “It was great to utilize the new fixtures,” he says. “Red, blue and white kino flos with matching LED lights overhead, some stage fog…. all served to give the ILX a seductive, romantic backdrop.”

About Tim Damon

Tim Damon is represented for commercials and digital work through Square Planet Media/Damon Productions. For more information contact Kendra Wester at 310-632-4090. For more information on Stage 20 rental, contact John Urso at 310- 632-4090.

Production Credits:


Client:                                      Acura

Agency:                                   MullenLowe/LA

Mark Wenneker                    CCO

Margaret Keene                     ECD

Sean Stell                               Senior Art Director

Ty Hayward                           Senior Copywriter

Alli Taylor                               VP, Executive Producer

Production Co:                       Square Planet/Damon Productions

Director:                                 Tim Damon

Executive Producer:             Kendra Wester

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