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COMIX: Beyond the Comic Book Pages

Stan Lee (Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four), Frank Miller (Sin City, 300),
Neal Adams (Batman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow),
Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Superman, Justice League of America).


A new documentary film that explores the world of comic books and their fervent fans, COMIX: Beyond the Comic Book Pages has its DVD release through Kino Lorber on July 19, 2016.

COMIX reveals the people behind a cultural phenomenon with proven staying power—and huge box office success. Today, comic books are more popular than ever, with blockbuster Hollywood adaptations of comic books and their characters generating $1.5 billion dollars in sales (BoxOfficeMojo), and comic books themselves, featuring some of the best material in their history, garnering $935 million in U.S. print and digital sales annually (source:

COMIX includes exclusive one-on-one interviews with icons from the comic book industry, including Stan Lee (Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four) (Batman, X-Men, Green Lantern/Green Arrow), Frank Miller (Sin City, 300), Neal Adams (Batman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow), Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Superman, Justice League of America), Mike Richardson of Dark Horse Productions (Hellboy, Sin City, Goon, Concrete), Marc Silvestri of Image Comics and Top Cow Productions (Tomb Raider, Hunter Killer, Witchblade), and Todd McFarlane (Spawn).

COMIX also talks to the fans who reveal their love for the characters and for cosplay, at conventions like Comic-Con, WonderCon, Anime Expo and Wizard World.

COMIX is the brainchild of filmmaker and long-time comic book fan Michael Valentine, and is 2015 winner of both The IndieFEST and Los Angeles Independent Film Festival awards. More than a decade in the making, the 85-minute documentary gives an overview of the world of comic books told through the thoughts and images of legendary creators of iconic characters—including Batman, Superman, Spiderman, X-Men.

A celebration of the artists, writers, collectors, store owners, independent publishers, and especially the passionate fans, COMIX delves into the growing attraction and ever-evolving history of American comics—including ties to the movie industry and independent publishing, the collaborations that bring them to life, and how some of the all-time favorite superheroes were created.

COMIX is also available on demand through internet and game providers, including iTunes, YouTube, PlayStation and Google Play. COMIX screening events are available through Tugg. COMIX is available on-demand via several television providers, including Dish, Comcast, Time Warner and Tugg.

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