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Launched January 1, 2015, Creative Content Wire is quickly gaining traction as a go-to source for stories on the process of entertainment.

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  • Animation – animation for film, video, television, commercials, motion pictures, content creation
  • Cinematography – artistic direction, technical direction, lighting, framing, color, tone, motion picture
  • Commercials – making of and news for all aspects of creating advertising
  • Production & Post – motion pictures, television, video, film, digital, animation, sound, editing, visual effects, digital intermediate, color grading, cinematography, director of photography
    • Editing – Editing for film, video, television, commercials, content creation
    • Sound – sound for picture, film, television, video, commercials, creative content
    • Tools – cameras, lights, tripods, microphone, monitors, broadcast, production, tools for production, tools for post production
      • Broadcasting
      • Digital Asset Management
      • Production
    • VFX – vfx, compositing, graphic design, modeling, animation, CGI, photography, stop motion, motion pictures, television, video, commercials
  • What’s Your Story? – creatives and professionals tell the story about “how they did it” in their own words.
  • News Release – original press releases that reflect the views of the industry organizations issuing them.