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A Telestrator that fits in a shirt pocket

New Play Zone HD & Point-HD 4K/UHD Telestrators & PZ Capture Modules

London, England – today announced the new Play Zone HD Telestrator, PZ-HD-SDI & PZ-HDMI USB monitoring & capture modules along with new software version and upgrades to its current Point-HD Telestrators to be showcased at NAB 2015 Booth SL6025.

Play Zone HD Telestrator that fits inside a shirt pocket

EzPz1 is the first model in the Play Zone HD range, featuring a miniature design; the EzPz1 can easily fit inside a shirt pocket. Whilst it may be small in size, it features functionality found in high end Telestrators, without the hassle of menus and buttons for talent to navigate, just plug in the power, connect the touch screen and it’s ready for action.

The stylish Play Zone HD design reflects the quality of engineering & is housed in a beautiful aircraft grade aluminum case that ensures protection for a portable device whilst maintaining a lightweight solution. Play Zone HD is highly expandable with optional accessories including HD-SDI & HDMI input modules, IR programmable remote & VESA mounts.

Simply plug in a USB thumb drive loaded with a playlist of video or pictures for instant replay or feed live video inputs using one of the optional HD-SDI/HDMI input modules.

Play Zone HD Model EzPz1 answers the call for various applications such as use in Helicopters for News / Traffic reports where low power, small size and ease of use are of prime importance.

POINT-HD Telestrator gets revamped with new features

Point-HD Telestrator sees new features added which includes support for 3D video and choice of new I/O modules with 4K & UHD Video support that allow very compact system solutions to be configured for Outside Broadcast Trucks / helicopters for news and traffic as well as TV studio configurations.

The new Point-HD Surface Telestrator uses the Microsoft Surface Tablet PC along with e-mediavision PZ-HD-SDI module to provide a highly compact and portable Telestrator solution. The Display Port output from the Point-HD Surface can be connected via an off the shelf convertor to provide a HD-SDI out from the Telestrator.

The new version 10 software update for Point-HD sees a variety of new tools and features added which includes support for 3D video, whilst 3D may no longer be in focus for traditional broadcasters, e-mediavision has successfully implemented its solution for non-broadcast usage which includes 3D medical and Tele-medicine applications.


Whilst primarily intended for use with the Play Zone HD EzPz1 & Point-HD Telestrators the input modules can be used with Windows based tablets and PC’s to monitor HD-SDI & HDMI sources.

This provides an ideal solution where tablets or laptops can be repurposed to act as monitoring displays, for example on location camera monitoring or for seeing what the signal is on a video cable in the back of a rack.

Both the PZ-HD-SDI & PZ-HDMI modules are housed in an aircraft grade aluminium casing to ensure field usage, they do not require external power source as the units are powered via the USAB 2.0 ports. The added advantage for both units is that they do not require specific drivers to work, Windows based tablets and computers will auto detect these as camera devices.

About, based in London, England, is a world leader in real-time video graphic systems for the sports, news, weather and media markets with POINT-HD Play Zone Telestrators, as well as multi-image display solutions with its X-View display processors and X-Com control and monitoring system.

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